Series 300 – Administration

Key for reading DMPS Policies:

(BP) = Board Policy. Responsibility for policies with this designation lies with the Board of Directors.

(AP) = Administrative Policy. Responsibility for policies with this designation lies with the Superintendent and Superintendent’s designee(s).


Policy 301 (BP): Appointment of the Superintendent

The Board of Directors shall appoint the Superintendent of Schools for a term of not more than three years.

The Board of Directors will, on a regular basis, meet for the Superintendent’s evaluation. The Board of Directors will formally evaluate the Superintendent in February, or as soon thereafter as possible of each year, using a pre-determined evaluation process and job description. Written communication regarding the Superintendent’s performance shall identify strengths and areas needing improvement, suggest optional approaches for personal or professional growth, and provide a reasonable length of time to achieve the desired results. If the identified deficiencies are not improved to the satisfaction of the Board within the given period of time, the Superintendent’s contract may be terminated in the manner prescribed by the law.

Legal Reference: Iowa Code § § 279.20, 279.23, 279.23A, 279.24, 279.25 (2011)
Board approved: September 17, 2002
Revised: June 15, 1993; March 28, 1998; July 13, 1999; January 17, 2001; August 14, 2002
Last Review: October 15, 2019

Policy 302 (BP): Superintendent of Schools

The Superintendent of Schools shall be the chief executive officer of the Des Moines Independent Community School District, shall be charged with the responsibility of carrying out policies and procedures adopted by its Board of Directors, and shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors or by law.

The Superintendent of Schools, as the chief executive officer, shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for:

  1. the execution of its policies;
  2. the management of the work of the departments, the duties of which, apart from those required by law, the Superintendent shall assign;
  3. the observance of its policies by all those persons employed by the District;
  4. the enforcement of all provisions of the law relating to the operation of the schools or other educational, social, and recreational agencies or activities under the charge of the Board.

Revised: June 15, 1993; October 15, 2019
Last Review: October 15, 2019

Policy 306 (BP): Election of Administrative Staff

The Board may approve or reject administrative candidates brought forth by the Superintendent, in accordance with Board-Management Delegation 3.3. Contracts with continuing administrators may be for a term of up to two years.

Legal References: Iowa Code § 279.23
Revised: October 15, 2019

Last Review: October 15, 2019

Policy 307 (BP): Qualifications of Administrative Staff

All appointees to administrative positions requiring certification by the Code of Iowa shall have met the requirements for certification. Qualifications for appointment shall be established by the Superintendent for all administrative positions, and recommendations for appointment shall be made by the Superintendent in accordance with Board Policy Governance.

Revised: June 15, 1993; July 13, 1999; October 15, 2019
Last Review: October 15, 2019

Policy 337 (BP): District Advisory Councils

The Superintendent may appoint ad hoc district advisory councils or task forces to assist with the District management process and focus. Members should be representative of the diversity in our community and be sensitive to the many needs and interests of our students and the community we serve.

Adopted September 4, 1990
Last Review: October 15, 2019

Procedures Series 300