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Bonding is Win-Win for Students and Taxpayers

Issuing revenue bonds allows DMPS to complete more school projects while saving tax dollars.

Des Moines Public Schools is aggressively bonding ahead when it comes to implementing the Students First plan.

Why? To provide additional opportunities to students as quickly as possible while at the same time getting the most “bang for the buck” from your tax dollars.

Issuing revenue bonds – paid for by the revenue from the statewide sales tax instead of property taxes – allows DMPS to:

  • Minimize inflationary increases on a portion of the construction program.
  • Maximize the use of construction dollars in the first 10 years of the construction program.
  • Add flexibility to the construction schedule.
  • Allows the District to develop the most optimal construction plan.
  • Lock up a portion of the revenue stream for debt service (and/or projects).
  • Allows the District to move up projects to benefit students earlier.
  • Lock in projects at a borrowing cost lower than the average inflationary factor.
  • Continue the plan created by the Superintendents Facilities Advisory Committee.
  • Continue to provide operational efficiencies which will have a direct impact on the general fund in the form of reduced energy costs.

To see additional information about the three phases of revenue bonds issued by DMPS, along with a list of projects being funded, please click on the menu items listed to the right.