Radon Testing

Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) realizes the importance of a quality environment for our students, staff and community.

One such example of our commitment is the proactive radon testing which has been completed throughout DMPS facilities. In 2011, DMPS began testing school facilities to identify indoor radon concentrations. Testing has been completed throughout the majority of district buildings. This testing has been done in addition to testing that we have been doing for many years to satisfy preschool requirements in many of our buildings. The school district has not been required to perform this additional testing, but believes it is a very proactive and important step.

Since 2011, locations where test results have indicated radon concentrations greater than regulatory guidelines have been further evaluated and radon control measures have been implemented in accordance with the district’s Radon Action Plan. Radon control measures utilized by DMPS have included the sealing of building penetrations in ground contact areas and the implementation of radon mitigation systems.

In 2014, guidelines for radon sampling in schools and large buildings were released by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST). DMPS is utilizing the ANSI/AARST guidelines as a framework to thoroughly test and evaluate radon concentrations throughout district facilities.

To accommodate the large amount of facilities, tests are performed on a revolving five-year schedule. Testing is overseen by a competent State of Iowa certified Radon Measurement Specialist and all samples are analyzed by State of Iowa certified radon laboratories.

Should DMPS discover radon levels at or above regulatory guidelines, we will implement a response based on the decision processes established in the school district’s Radon Action Plan and guidance established by ANSI/AARST.

The following documents provide additional information about historic radon tests and current plans at DMPS (note: some documents are a PDF):

  • Click here to view radon sampling results for samples collected, to date, from DMPS facilities.
  • Click here to view the DMPS Radon Action Plan.
  • Click here to view additional information from the Iowa Department of Education.

The testing schedule DMPS schools and facilities is as follows:

Capital View, Central Academy, Central Campus, Cowles, Edmunds, Greenwood, Harding, Hillis, Howe, Hubbell, Madison, Park Avenue, 1915 Prospect, Roosevelt, Smouse, Stowe, Windsor

Aviation, Brody, Brubaker, Cattell, Central Nutrition Center, Downtown School, East, Findley, Garton, Hoyt, Mitchell, South Union, Van Meter, Welcome Center

Hoover, Jefferson, Lincoln RAILS, Lovejoy, Meredith, Monroe, Morris, Moulton, Phillips, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Street, Willard, Woodlawn

Carver, Lincoln, Mann, McCombs, King, Oak Park, Operations (Dean Avenue), Perkins, Studebaker, Walker Street, Weeks, Wright

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change based upon programming and sampling results.