Integrated Pest Management (IPM Program)

IPM is an ecologically-based management strategy that provides long-term solutions to pest and rodent problems with minimum impact on human health and the environment.  IPM programs are heavily reliant upon prevention through good sanitation and mechanical means such as pest and rodent proofing buildings. The Des Moines Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for students, staff and community members.  The District’s Integrated Pest Management procedures reduce the risk of individuals being exposed to pests, rodents and pesticides by applying non-chemical methods to prevent and eradicate pests and rodents.  When pesticides are necessary, only the least toxic products will be used by a professional pest management contractor or certified employee.


  • The custodial director is responsible for maintaining a professional pest management program to prevent, control and eradicate most pest and rodents for the District.
  • The custodial director works with the director of facilities and the energy, environmental and safety specialist to determine the scope of work for the contract and in house staff.
  • The pest control contractor routinely visits all buildings to interact with building staff to prevent, monitor and eradicate pests and rodents.
  • All buildings will have a designated location for a site log.  Site logs are used to document locations for the contractor to follow up on and monitor occurrences.
  • The contractor attends annual training sessions to coach and train custodial staff members on prevention, sightings and non-chemical treatment options.
  • The contractor will not spray chemicals without approval from the custodial director.
  • The least toxic products will be applied as needed and only by a certified pesticide applicator.
  • The contractor will not spray chemicals in an area where students and staff are present in a building or on the grounds.  Students and staff will not return to a treated area until the designated time on the pesticide label has elapsed.
  • All pesticide safety data sheets will be available and up-to-date.
  • Upon request, all records of pesticide applications, pest sighting logs and monitoring logs will be available for the minimum time required by state law.