Phase Three

The third issuance of Revenue Bonds by DMPS was in the amount of $70,000,000 ($10,000,000 in Bank Qualified Bonds and $60,000,000 in Non-Bank Qualified). The bond issuance took place in the spring 0f 2014.

The following school projects, all of which are completed, used these bond proceeds as follows:

  • JF Taylor @ Casady Education Center – New school building.
  • Central Campus – Continued improvements.
  • Harding and Hiatt Middle Schools – Window replacements.
  • McCombs Middle School – Bleacher replacement.
  • McKee Education Center – Mechanical and electrical upgrades, parking.
  • Merrill Middle School – Three classroom addition and elevator.
  • Mitchell Education Center – Student drop-off.
  • Moore – Mechanical and electrical upgrades
  • Moulton Elementary School – Mechanical upgrade.
  • North High School – Athletic wing and auditorium mechanical and electrical upgrades.
  • Perkins Elementary School – Four classroom addition
  • Rails Academy at Kurtz – Window and door replacement, mechanical/electrical upgrade, asbestos abatement, data and communications upgrade, security and technology upgrades.
  • River Woods Elementary School – Four classroom addition to eliminating temporary buildings.
  • Ruby Van Meter – Mechanical and electrical upgrades. Open classrooms
  • Ruby Van Meter – Office addition
  • Smouse – Mechanical and electrical upgrades parallel to use of Smouse trust fund dollars.
  • Various district – wide ADA, security, technology upgrades.

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