The School Board adopted the following Belief Statement about the focus of its work on behalf of the education of students in Des Moines.

1.  We believe in every child and, no matter their circumstance, will support them in achieving at their highest level.

  • DMPS will work to ensure our students are career and post-secondary education ready, that they possess the knowledge and skills to be self-directed and autonomous, and they have world awareness with exposure to languages and cultures of the world.

2.  We believe all students will have the best staff working to provide and support their education.

  • DMPS will be a best place to work, committed to recruiting, developing, retaining, and recognizing high quality staff in a climate and culture where people are able to do their best work.

3.  We believe in the full engagement of our parents and community in the support of our students’ education.

  • DMPS will commit to the support, training, and tools needed to maximize engagement opportunities with our parents and the entire community.

4.  We believe, as a community, in providing the resources necessary to offer PK-12 education of the highest quality.

  • DMPS will work, proactively and creatively, with the community to assure the proper investment in our commitment to our children.

5.  We believe first-rate facilities are essential to quality education.

  • DMPS is committed to facilities, as centers of our community and neighborhoods, which offer safe, healthy, well-run and creative learning environments.

6.  We believe in a school district that operates with transparency, accountability and efficiency at every level.

  • DMPS is committed to operating in an atmosphere of full-disclosure to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency.