Application/Selection Requirements

All interested applicants must submit to the Des Moines Public Schools Board of Directors by noon on March 25, 2024.  A complete application includes the following: 

  • Letter of Interest 
  • Resume 
  • Proof of Residency (District 4 Boundary) 

A Letter of Interest shall include but is not limited to the following: 

Describe how can you help represent the community’s vision and values in pursuit of the Board’s student outcomes focused goals. In recent community engagement and outreach the Board found the following areas of high importance for the DMPS community. Please share and identify how you will advocate for representation of the community’s vision and values in each of these DRAFT goal and guardrail areas: 

  • Goal 1 – Literacy: The percent of 4th grade students scoring proficient or advanced on the ISASP ELA assessment will increase from X% in June 2023 to Y%* in June of 2027.  
  • Goal 2 – Career and College Ready:  The percent of DMPS Seniors by the end of their fourth year of high school who have achieved four or more of the DMPS Future Ready indicators as measured by the DMPS framework of Enroll/Employ/Enlist will increase from X% in June 2024 to Y% in June of 2027. 
  • Guardrail 1 – Equity: The Superintendent shall not allow inequitable treatment or reduced access to educational opportunities of students, or the continuation of systems that allow for it. 
  • Guardrail 2 – Social and Emotional Learning: The Superintendent shall not allow the social emotional learning needs of adults and all students to be unaddressed. 
  • Guardrail 3 – DEI: The Superintendent shall not allow the composition of the teaching and learning staff to diverge from the diverse demographics of the student population while utilizing equitable and inclusive hiring practices conducted in accordance with cultural responsivity. 
  • Guardrail 4 – Safety: The Superintendent shall not allow an environment for both students and staff that is psychologically and physically unsafe and unwelcome. 
  • Guardrail 5 – Engagement: The superintendent shall not allow an environment that allows families and viable community partners to be excluded, uninvited, and unwelcome into the district’s activities and endeavors. 

NOTE: Revised and updated Goals and Guardrails are in the process of being finalized by the School Board.

Applicants are also encouraged to attend “How the Board Works: A Workshop on Improving Student Achievement Through Effective Board Governance” on March 23, 2024, from 1:00 – 3:00PM via Microsoft Teams. To register for the workshop, please contact Participation in this event will be a consideration in the Board’s deliberation. Details on connecting to the virtual workshop will be provided to applicants in advance. 

Applicants should also feel free to contact the School Board chair with any questions about the selection process or School Board-related issues. 

All required application materials should be submitted by mail, email or delivery no later than Noon on March 25. 2024 as follows:

DMPS (Des Moines Public Schools) Board of Directors Vacancy
ATTN: Rosie Rios
2100 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321