Sign Up to Speak

The School Board welcomes input from the public at its meetings. There are two opportunities to do so:

  • A public forum is held at 5:30 PM, immediately following the start of the Board meeting, and approval of agenda and minutes. People may speak about any topic related to the district or a school that is not on the agenda. The Board does not deliberate or decide issues that are raised during the public forum. Each speaker is allotted 3 minutes.
  • The Board allows for comment on items on the agenda during their meetings. Each speaker is allotted 5 minutes.
  • School Board meetings at held at Central Campus. At this time, you must be in-person to speak at a School Board meeting.

The same speaking protocols apply to all individuals who wish to address the board. Speakers will be called individually, and we ask they state their name and address prior to providing comments. Students & minors do not have to provide their addresses. Guests of the board are encouraged to speak to matters relating to the programs, services, and operations of DMPS. Please remember that Iowa Law prohibits us from discussing specific employees or their job performance.

We ask all speakers to avoid references to personalities or character attacks as those types of comments do not contribute to the purpose for which this public forum exists. The use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated and individuals choosing to do so will be gaveled out of order and ask to excuse themselves from the premises or escorted out by district security.

As a reminder to the Board and Public, the Board will not engage in a discussion with public forum speakers as it is our obligation to discuss only matters posted in the public agenda for the sake of transparency and opportunity afforded to all community stakeholders. Matters requiring attention will receive appropriate staff &/or Board follow-up at a time after the meeting. Thanks for your participation – we appreciate your feedback and input.

To sign up in advance to speak at the next School Board meeting, please submit the form below. If you do not sign up by 2:00 PM the day of a meeting you may complete a form at the meeting location.