Sign Up to Speak

The School Board welcomes input from the public at its meetings. There are two opportunities to do so:

  • A public forum is held at 5:30 PM, immediately following the start of the Board meeting, and approval of agenda and minutes. People may speak about any topic related to the district or a school that is not on the agenda. The Board does not deliberate or decide issues that are raised during the public forum. Each speaker is allotted 3 minutes.
  • The Board allows for comment on items on the agenda during their meetings. Each speaker is allotted 5 minutes.
  • School Board meetings at held at Central Campus. At this time, you must be in-person to speak at a School Board meeting.

To sign up in advance to speak at the next School Board meeting, please submit the form below. If you do not sign up by 2:00 PM the day of a meeting you may complete a form at the meeting location.