Des Moines Public Schools. Saving Some Green.

Des Moines Public Schools is diligently implementing energy conservation actions and strategies to optimize our limited resources. The district’s mission to decrease our overall energy consumption through education, equipment upgrades, and responsible energy use not only saves money, but also reduces the negative impact on our environment.

In order to benchmark our progress, we have developed the Energy Report Card, which is posted monthly on the our website during the school year, along with an annual report after the end of the district’s fiscal year (June 30). The report card includes energy facts and information to help students, parents, staff and the community monitor the district’s progress.

Des Moines Public Schools is also working hard to make sure energy conservation and efficiency is a priority in our school renovation efforts. In fact, we look at the before and after energy costs of our buildings to monitor energy use following renovation work. You can download a chart providing an energy-use comparison of renovated schools here.

To download copies of our Energy Report Cards, and to learn more about our schools which have earned an ENERGY STAR® rating, please visit the links to the right. And if you would like some energy-saving tips for your school, click here.

Useful Information from ENERGY STAR and MidAmerican Energy

MidAmerican has worked with Des Moines Public Schools to raise awareness of how everyone can help to reduce energy consumption and save money, including providing posters and other promotional materials to serve as reminders.

In addition, a series of handouts, posters and other information are available for download at the Energy Star website.