Early Graduation

Students eligible for early graduation have some important things to consider as they choose a January or May diploma date. The date on the diploma can effect federal funding, college scholarship eligibility, child support, and social security. Students and their families should use the following information to make a choice that is right for them and their particular situation.

A student with the proper number of credits may choose to graduate in January. They are permitted to walk in May with the rest of their graduating class, as DMPS does not currently hold a January commencement program.  January graduates who wish to participate in May commencement will have a diploma dated with a January graduation date. Students  are not allowed to attend school or required to take additional classes during second semester. The diploma will also be held until May.

If a student meets graduation requirements at the end of the first semester, but does not wish to graduate at that time, they may continue with second semester courses and graduate in May with the rest of their graduating class. These students will then have a diploma with a May graduation date. It is highly suggested that these students take a minimum of 4 classes/2.0 credits during the second semester so they are considered a full-time and eligible to receive federal funding, qualify for child support, social security, and scholarships from colleges.

Please note: it is not a requirement for the student to take 4 classes/2.0 credits their final semester in order to walk in the May graduation ceremony. A student is only required to take 4.0 classes/2.0 credits when they transfer to DMPS their final semester of school in order to qualify to receive that building’s diploma. If the student transfers to DMPS from another district and does not choose to take the minimum 4 classes/2.0 credits, then the home high school registrar will get in touch with the district registrar and a general DMPS diploma will be issued instead.