Behavioral Supports

Student Assistance Program  – (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to be a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, rapid response intervention for students and their families to help children and families have better success in school. Regardless of the difficulties, we are here to help! The Des Moines Public School System is partnering with MOSAIC FAMILY Counseling Center, Inc to deliver the services its students and their families need to help with current difficult behaviors and help families plan for successful outcomes for their children.

Who is Eligible? Types of Problems Addressed:
Children Bullying
Parents Feelings of Anxiety and Depression
Families Relational Struggles and Family Stress
Difficulty Concentrating in Class
Aggressive Behaviors
Problems with Drugs and Alcohol
Grief and Loss
Changes in Behaviors at Home or at School
Trauma and Trauma Responses

​Inquire here and we will answer any questions you may have about the SAP program.

To access help or for more information:
Call MOSAIC FAMILY Counseling Center, Inc.
P: 515-724-8920 Monday through Friday, between 8am—5pm
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