Family Educator Partners

The Family & Educator Partnership (FEP) encourages and promotes positive partnerships between parents and educators so that children with special needs are successful. Our FEP coordinators are parents of children or young adults with special needs, so they share a unique perspective with the families they serve. They provide support and information to families individually and through parent workshops and support groups. They also facilitate linkages between families, schools and community agencies.

Our Services

Contact the FEP coordinator assigned to your school district if you need assistance or information about the following:

  • Conferences, workshops or networking groups
  • Parent/student rights and responsibilities
  • Understanding special education
  • Community resources, camps and leisure activities
  • Transition: beginning by age 14, preparing a student in special education to move from high school to the workplace or higher education.
  • Managing challenging behaviors at home

Additional Information: 

Our Family Educator Partners

Rita Fredericks
Des Moines Public Schools Staff
(515) 242-7342


Alicia Karwal
Des Moines Public Schools Staff
(515) 242-7342


Jan Mackey
Des Moines Public Schools Staff
(515) 242-7556