Des Moines Public Schools is home to some of the best drama departments in Iowa, with award-winning instructors and students.

DMPS high schools offer courses in theatre and play production in addition to their performance-based activities.

The following is the course sequence for DMPS Drama students:

DRM129 – Theater Arts I S1
DRM130 – Theater Arts I S2

DRM131 – Play Production I S1
DRM132 – Play Production I S2

DRM229 – Theater Arts II S1
DRM230 – Theater Arts II S2

DRM231 – Play Production II S1
DRM232 – Play Production II S2

DRM329 – Theater Arts III S1
DRM330 – Theater Arts III S2

DRM331 – Play Production III S1
DRM332 – Play Production III S2

DRM429 – Theater Arts IV: Directing and Management S1
DRM430 – Theater Arts IV: Directing and Management S2

DRM431 – Play Production IV: Design and Management S1
DRM432 – Play Production IV: Design and Management  S2