Understanding and Interpreting the World

Mathematics is a tool we use to understand and interpret our world. In our increasingly technological economy, those who know how to apply mathematics have significantly enhanced opportunities in continuing education and later in life. The key to opening the door to these opportunities is thorough understanding of important mathematical concepts and procedures.

The goal of the Des Moines Public Schools K-12 mathematics program is for all students to achieve mathematical proficiency by developing an understanding of math concepts and a fluency in skill procedures. Students who understand a concept can identify examples and non-examples; describe the idea with words, symbols, tables, graphs, and models; and apply the concept in problem-solving situations. Procedural proficiency includes recall of basic facts (addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division) and the use of algorithms, step-by-step mathematical procedures, to produce a solution.

The end result is the ability to think and reason mathematically and use mathematics to solve problems in authentic contexts.

For an overview of the mathematics goals and objectives for elementary, middle and high school students please visit the appropriate link in the menu to the right.

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