Like most school districts, Des Moines Public Schools charges fees for some programs and services to recover expenses. This page contains a listing of all student fees, food service prices, child care prices and facility costs for the 2017-18 school year.

Activity Pass
High School Student  $65/year
Middle School Student $40/year
Punch Pass (10 games – home school only) $50/year
Individual Adult $115/year
Senior Citizen $40/year
Family $300/year
Activity/Sports Registration
Grades 6-12
First three activities $15
Four or more activities $0
Band Instruments
District Wide Rental $50/year
Applies only to students using a district instrument
Drivers Education
In-District $335 (1st time)
Out-of-District $335 (1st time)
Graduation Fee
Cap/Gown for High School Graduates $60
Determined by school
Kindergarten $30/year
Grades 1-5 $30/year
Grades 6-8 $50/year
Grades 9-12 $65/year


Reduced $0
Elementary $1.65
Middle $1.75
High $1.80
Adult $2.05
Reduced $.40
Elementary $2.80
Middle $2.85
High $2.95
Adult $3.45
After School Snack
Reduced $.30
Full Price $1.10

*Reduced Rate Set By USDA


District Wide Preschools
Four-Year Old – Full School Day – $82.50/week
Cowles Preschool Programs
3 Year-Full School Day $167.50/week
3 Year-Morning PreK $112.50/week
4 Year-Full School Day $102.50/week
4 Year Morning PreK $0 (State Funded)
AM Only-Pax Place $57.50/week
PM Only-Pax Place $67.50/week
AM & PM-Pax Place $82.50/week
Metro Kids Care
Before & After* $77/week
Before & Early Out* $67/week
Before Only $56/week
After School Only* $63/week
Collaboration Day $25/week
Full Day $34/day $140/week
Summer $140/week
Summer Fee $20/summer
Registration Fee $30/year
Discounts Free to school-agers of Metro Kids Staff

*Early-out days increase the weekly rates when afternoon care is requested


For accurate cost estimate and availability contact Community Education at 515-242-8521

Facility Group A: Non-profit Group B: For profit
Auditorium, Elementary School* $32/hr. $136/hr.
Auditorium, Middle School* $37/hr. $136/hr.
Auditorium, High School* $42/hr. $158/hr.
Baseball Field $52/hr. $158/hr.
Cafeteria with Kitchen/Concession Stand* $42/hr. +F.S. Supervisor $157/hr. +F.S. Supervisor
Cafeteria w/o kitchen $32/hr. $110/hr.
Camping Programs* $260/wk. $260/wk.
Class Room $16/hr. $32/hr.
Computer Lab* $37/hr. $63/hr.
Gym, Elementary School Youth $16/hr. – Adult $32/hr. $52/hr.
Gym, Middle School Youth $21/hr. – Adult $37/hr. $52/hr.
Gym, High School* Youth $21/hr. – Adult $62/hr. $79/hr. (3hr. min.)
Hallway $21/hr. $21/hr.
Library/Media Center $26/hr. $63/hr.
Multi-purpose Room $21/hr. $63/hr.
Pool** $42/hr. $84/hr.
Stadium Scoreboard $26/hr. $51/hr.
Stadium $110/hr. (3 hr. min.) $525/hr. (3 hr. min.)
Tennis Court $11/hr. $16/hr.
Track/Field $78/flat $370/flat
Additional Fees
Event Manager (if 30+in attendance and at the discretion of  the building administrator) $32/hr. (2 hr. min.)
Cancel/Change 20% of rental cost
Custodian $32/hr.
Food Service Supervisor $27/hr.
Police/Security Actual Cost
Sound/Light Person $16/hr.
PA/Microphone $50 flat fee
Rain Date Reservations: Initial Charge $40
20% Administrative Charge will be added to all Facility Rental Fees
Additional Charge required for all WEEKEND custodial coverage
Sunday Rate
$210.00 flat fee/up to 4 rooms (plus custodial charges)

*$150.00 Deposit Required
**Certified Lifeguard Required