Health Benefits Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, HBAC, is to monitor health benefits and provide recommendations to the Superintendent and school board. Committee work focuses on analyzing health, dental, vision, life and short term disability insurance related information and recommendations are formulated accordingly. HBAC also monitors results of the district’s Healthy U wellness program.

HBAC meetings are held the fourth Monday of every month with the exception of June and July.

The following are minutes from the meetings:

Current members of the HBAC are:

DMEA Representatives:

  • Pam Bemis
  • Vicki Bonnet
  • Allison Cain
  • Blake Hammond
  • Shannon Owens
  • Kathleen Wells
  • Joshua Brown, DMEA President
  • Joe Judge
  • Doug Smith

AFSCME Representatives:

  • Valerie Cohen, Chair
  • Sharon Bell
  • Linda Cook
  • Rossi Frith
  • Mike McCabe
  • Melissa Speed
  • Debbie Allen

Superintendent’s/Other Representatives:

  • Jill Burnett-Requist
  • Cathy McKay
  • Katie Northness
  • Cyndi Bernhardt, Recorder