Healthy U Wellness Program

What’s in Your Wellness Bucket?

Welcome to Healthy U!

Healthy U is excited and ready to start a new year with each and every one of you!!  This year’s theme is “What’s in YOUR Wellness Bucket?”  What lifestyle changes or healthy habits are you going to make or keep building on this year?  Will it be de-stressing your life?  Building relationships?  Losing weight?  Becoming more physically active?  Taking charge of your finances?  Eating better?  Take a moment, dig deep and ask yourself, “What’s in my wellness bucket this year!”

Thank You for a great first year in 2013-2014!  Together we had more than 70% of DMPS employees participate in the Biometric Screenings and Online Wellness Assessment!

Healthy U will start again on July 1, 2014! Any activities you do from July 1st forward you can count toward your Healthy U Wellness activities! Just make sure you self-report your completion on the Rewards Tiles on the Rewards page of the Wellmark Wellness Center Powered by WebMD! See the Incentive Guide for details and watch this Healthy U! DMPS Slide Show.

In 2014-2015 you will see some simple improvements as you begin navigating the Wellmark website.

A few new changes you may notice are:

  • Easier access to the Wellness Center from your personal Wellmark page!  Just click on Visit the Wellness Center!
  • Use your smartphone to record all of your Healthy U Wellness Activities on the Rewards tiles! From your internet browser on your phone, go to the Wellmark Website, sign in using your username and password, and select “View the Full Site” Now click on Visit the Wellness Center, and you are ready to self-report!
  • Soon to be released, you will be able to do the same thing from a Wellmark App on your smartphone!
  • The Rewards tiles are easier to read, and easier to know what you have earned!

For more information and access to Healthy U Forms, Links, Webinars, Guides or basic program information, click on the headings to the right on the DMPS website!

Let’s fill our wellness buckets this year!  Cheers to a Healthy U!!!

Tammy Steinwandt, Wellness Coordinator



For a quick link to our Wellmark/WebMD Healthy U Website click here:

The Wellmark Wellness Center Help Desk Phone number is: 1-877-252-8412. Or you can call the Technical Help desk at 1-800-407-0267 Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any questions or issues with the website.

Access to the Wellmark Wellness  Center Powered by WebMD starts at the Wellmark homepage:  If you have not already registered or created an account with Wellmark, click “register now” and have your insurance card or Wellmark ID card ready.  Pimary insured employees will use their Wellmark insurance card; all “other” employees above will use the Wellmark ID card sent to them in the mail.  Otherwise proceed to log in with your username and password.

- We want you to know that your personal information will remain just that — personal. Your confidentiality will be respected and protected.  All information collected on any forms or screenings will only be used for tracking and auditing participation in the Healthy U Program.

Healthy U Wellness Coordinator

Tammy J. Steinwandt

Address: 2323 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312
P: 515-242-7791 | E: