Healthy U Wellness Program

What’s in Your Wellness Bucket for 2015-16?

Greetings and Happy Salutations from Healthy U!

Are YOU Ready for what we have planned for 2015-2016?  Healthy U is over the moon excited to rock this year with each and every one of you!

Our Healthy U Wellness Bucket is back and brimming with awesome activities, classes, more webinar opportunities, a new book club, new personal wellness challenges and so much more!  Let’s dig deep and see what new lifestyle changes or healthy habits you going to make or keep building on this year.

When you look into your Wellness Bucket what dreams and ideas are floating around waiting for you?  Is it time to de-stress your life?  How are those relationships with family members, coworkers or friends?  Is it time to build, mend and grow?  Or is it your time to become more physically active, or start that path to improving your eating habits?  Maybe this year it’s taking charge of your finances, or starting to save toward your retirement by learning more about IPERS and saving in a 403b. Or is your wellness journey about continuing to build, grow and create your own personal culture of health and well-being? Whatever it is, take a breath, take a moment, and take this year to discover what’s on your Bucket List!

Without further ado, let’s get this journey started!

  • Healthy U is a Three Step Process that helps you earn your $200 health insurance premium! Step 1: Biometric Screening (earns $50). Step 2: Online Wellness Assessment (earns $50). Step 3: Complete/Self-Report 6 Wellness Activities (earns $100).
  • Register now for your free Biometric Screening – there are more than 60 days and locations to choose from!
  • Complete your Online Wellness Assessment at the Wellmark Wellness Center between January 1, 2016-March 31, 2016 — a Wellness Assessment completed outside of this time frame will not earn the incentive credit.
  • Healthy U begins July 1, 2015.  Any Wellness Activities you complete from July 1 forward count toward your Healthy U Wellness Activities for 2015-2016.  Just make sure you self-report your completed activities on the rewards page at the Wellmark Wellness Center.
  • For more information on what qualifies as a Wellness Activity, check out the 2015-2016 Healthy U Employee Wellness Incentive Guide.

What’s new with Healthy U?  You spoke… We Listened!

    • Wellness Rewards Reporting is Easier. Simply Pick, Click, Enter and Save!  NOW there is a space for you to actually type in what you did!  Improve your reporting accuracy and enjoy the same great level of confidentiality — because only you will see what you have entered!
    • Download the Wellmark App and you can do Healthy U from your smartphone!
    • The Online Wellness Assessment is New and Improved! Between January and the end of March, when you go online to take your Wellness Assessment, we think you will like the changes. It is more interactive and easier to complete.

For more information click on the links to the right under Healthy U Wellness.  You can find almost any Healthy U info you need!

Let’s get this day started!

Tammy Steinwandt, Wellness Coordinator


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The Wellmark Wellness Center Help Desk Phone number is: 1-877-252-8412. Or you can call the Technical Help desk at 1-800-407-0267. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any questions or issues with the website.

– We want you to know that your personal information will remain just that — personal. Your confidentiality will be respected and protected.  All information collected on any forms or screenings will only be used for tracking and auditing participation in the Healthy U Program.

Healthy U Wellness Coordinator

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