Managing the Public’s Educational Resources


Des Moines Public Schools is proud to be a recipient of the Association of School Business Officials Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting award and the Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Achievement.

The Business & Finance department oversees a budget of more than $500 million — the largest school district budget in Iowa and the second largest local government budget in the state.

The department routinely earns national distinctions in financial management from both the Association of School Business Officials and the Government Finance Officers Association.

In addition to managing the school district’s budget, the department also coordinates its development. An important component in that process is public input, including both citizen and employee advisory committees that share ideas about how the district can make the best use of public funds. To learn more about the budget and the budget development process, please visit the links in the menu to the right.

Please visit the links in the right-hand menu for additional information related to the work of the district’s business and finance office.

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Harper
Address: 2323 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA
P: 515-242-7745 | F: 515-242-8295 | E: