Iowa law requires that all students be immunized against certain communicable diseases. Read the current immunization requirements for school entry.

Parents are asked to present their child’s immunization record to the school nurse when enrolling their child for the first time into a Des Moines Public School. The school nurse will review the record to confirm that the child is in compliance with Iowa immunization requirements or assist the parent in meeting the legal requirements in order to allow the child to enter school with the least disruption to their learning as possible.

Medical or religious exemptions may be granted under certain circumstances outlined in the law.

For more information or for assistance contact your child’s doctor or their school nurse.

Certificate of Immunization

Tuberculosis Guidelines:  All students applying for initial enrollment in the Des Moines Public Schools who have lived in a country other than the United States within the 12 months preceding enrollment are required to be tested for tuberculosis. A Mantoux skin test or Chest X ray are recommended. Students who have received the BCG vaccine are still required to have the test.

Following initial school enrollment the school nurse can recommend that the parents consult with their child’s health care provider regarding the need for testing following a visit to a country that has a high prevalence of TB but will not hold the child out of school so long as the child remains without symptoms.