Transportation FAQ

If I open enroll to another school in Des Moines will my child get a bus?
No. Parents of students approved for open enrollment are responsible for transporting their student to the new school.

The bus drivers past my house. Why can’t I have a doorstop?
Stops are centrally located for the safety and convenience of students that live in the same area. Frequent stops cause bus delays due to increased stops and make the bus ride longer.

I can’t see the bus stop from my home. Can the stop be closer to my home?
Unfortunately, we cannot position bus stops so that all parents can see the stop from their homes. We transport nearly 8,500 students daily.

Why is my child’s bus late?
Please know that we do everything humanly possible to ensure that all busses are running as scheduled every day. Unforeseen incidents including accidents, weather, driver absenteeism, and maintenance issues may arise causing delays in the bus on-time arrival. We encourage parents to download our FREE parent app, Here Comes the Bus. The app will let parents know when the bus is near your stop, so you can send your child out at the right time. Please allow 10-15 minutes past the normal arrival time before calling Transportation at 515-242-7887.

Since my child is the only student at the bus stop, can the bus pick him/her up closer to my home?
Bus stops are centrally located for students who are eligible to ride the bus. We try to keep the bus stops centrally located in these areas from year to year. Ridership is always changing.

Can my student ride from the sitter’s house if it is also in the bus area?
If your student is eligible for a bus and the sitter’s house is in a bused area, then we would transport. If your child is not eligible for a bus, then transportation will not be provided.

Can my child ride one week from Dad’s house and one week from Mom’s house?
Students may only ride from their designated bus stop. They may have one designated bus stop for the AM and another for the PM, but they cannot change week by week or day by day. They must use their designated stops five days a week, Monday thru Friday.

Can my student bring a friend home with them on the bus?
Due to COVID-19, only eligible students that are assigned to that route may ride the bus.

Is there Discretionary busing this year?
Our seating is limited due to COVID-19 and social distancing. Therefore, discretionary busing will not be offered this year.

Why do some students in the same apartment complex get a bus and others do not?
The eligibility boundary goes by distance. In large complexes, the distance extends beyond the eligibility.

In order to receive bussing, a student must live over the following limits:
Elementary 1.5 miles
Middle School 2.0 miles
High School 3.0 miles

How are students assigned to a DART bus?
DART run designated routes similarly to our yellow bus. DMPS route all students according to where they live and the closest bus stop near their home. If a DART route is closest to the home residence, then we assign them to a DART bus.

Who assigns students to DART?
DMPS Transportation Routing Office assigns students to the DART buses. We have a computerized routing system we use for both DART and yellow bus riders. DART does not assign students for transportation.

Can DART change a students’ bus assignment?
DART cannot make changes to students’ bus assignments. DMPS routers work with DART and make changes to bus schedules for several reasons including preventing overloaded buses, discipline concerns, students moved, etc.

How do I know what DART bus my child is assigned to?
This information can be found on the Parent Portal. Click on the Transportation Tab and you will find your student(s) bus information. Please check the Parent Portal periodically as information may change.

Can I ride DART with my student ID?
DMPS assign students an ID with a DART logo to indicate the level of service they are entitled to receive. Students are not allowed to use an ID that is not their own, or an image of an ID on a phone or other device to ride. If a student loses their ID, they must consult with school staff to obtain a new one or to obtain a temporary bus pass.