Des Moines Public Schools is a partner in the Coalition for Community Schools because we believe helping students and families meet basic needs at home and in the community supports the district’s efforts to prepare students for the next stage of their lives. The guiding principles for Community Schools are to strengthen and expand the bridge between the school and the community. While DMPS is charged with the academic education of nearly 33,000 students, we know our success is dependent on the wrap-around supports that so many of our students need and that our partners play an important role in providing. 

 To learn more about community partnerships, please join us at one of our monthly Community Conversations. All community conversations are held at the DMPS Operations Center, 1917 Dean Ave, DSM. and begin at 8:30 A.M.

How to become a partner:

  • Step 1: Complete Community Partner Identification Tool.
  • Step 2: Upon completion, a staff member will be in contact to schedule a required orientation.
  • Step 3: A partnership agreement will be sent to organization contact for electronic signature via Adobe DocuSign.
  • Step 4: Upon approval a Community School site coordinator or appropriate school staff will assist you in working with the schools. The services provided must be in coordination with each individual school schedule and should not disrupt the school day. Maintain regular communication with your coordinator.
  • Step 5: Maintain ongoing contact with district office and school personnel to ensure alignment with district goals. 

Community Partnership Coordinator

Vanessa Howell
Address: 1000 Porter Ave., Des Moines