Current Partners

Partnerships with community-based organizations and businesses are key to our Community Schools vision.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers (individuals) who are not working on behalf of an outside organization are not subject to the Partnership Process.  They should submit a request to become a volunteer online.

How can an official partner obtain data on students served?

One of the benefits of being an official community partner with Des Moines Public Schools having access to data on the students served.  Aggregate data is available without a signed parent release.  If individual student data is requested, a parent release must be on file with the Community Partnership Coordinator.

Step 1:  Submit student names using their LEGAL first and last name along with their correct DOB in the Add/Drop Form

  • If the program name is not listed, please contact the Community Partnership Coordinator –
  • Student names submitted are updated in Infinite Campus once a week the following Monday of the submission.

Step 2:  If only aggregate data is needed, complete the Data Request Form.

Step 3:  When specific student or personally identifiable student data is requested, a signed release from a parent or guardian is required per The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • We have a new electronic Parent/Guardian Release Form for community partners.  Either the electronic form or the paper form would be required but not both.
  • Student releases submitted are updated in Infinite Campus once a week the following Monday of the submission.
  • Paper forms may be emailed directly to the Community Partnership Coordinator at . The process will be similar to the electronic process depending on how many releases are sent at once.
  • Once this is completed, a Data Request Form may be submitted.

How can I reserve space at DMPS?

Another benefit to being an official community partner is the opportunity to use space for free Monday through Friday.  To request the reservation of space in a DMPS building, please click here.

  •  We recommend planning far enough in advance of your event or after school needs.
  • If you have questions, please contact Andrea Baker at or directly at 515-242-8530.  The Facilities Department number is 515-242-7706.