Elementary Advanced Learning Extracurricular Activities

ALP Logo 1Elementary 2023-2024 Calendar of Enrichment Opportunities

Date Event Date Event
September 11, 2023 3rd-5th Battle of the Books begins

K-2nd Gold Star Reader begins for 1st semester

January 8, 2024 K-2nd Gold Star Reading begins for 2nd semester
September 14, 2023 *ALP Parent Meeting


January 30, 2024 *Creativity Night


October 3, 2023 *Strategic Thinking Night


February 1st-29th, 2024 2nd-5th Noetic Math

During ALP Group

October 23, 2023 *Showcase


April 2, 2024 3rd-5th Battle of the Books

40 Book Challenge

During School

November 1st-30th, 2023 2nd-5th Noetic Math Fall Contest

During ALP Group

April 4 and 5, 2024 3rd-5th Battle of the Books

Regional Competitions

During School

November 28, 2023 *Parent-Child Workshop

5:30-7:00 pm

April 11, 2024 *Science Fair

Evening hours TBD

December 15, 2023 K-2nd Gold Star Reading Logs are due for 1st semester May 3, 2024 *3rd-5th Battle of the Books


During School with Families Invited to Watch

May 17, 2024 K-2nd Gold Star Reading Logs are due for 2nd semester

*Event dates and/or times are subject to change, and in those instances, families will be notified through Snap Connect and/or Email.


Enrichment Opportunities in the 22-23 School Year

Elementary Advanced Learning Program students and families participated in Strategic Game night last October. Approximately 270 students and family members played Chess, Rummikub, Othello, Scrabble, Jenga, Suduko, Cribbage, and many more board games in the Central Campus cafeteria. Many students learned new games, while others honed their skills on games they already enjoyed.  It was a fun night and a great way to enrich learning and community. 

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In January, the Advanced Learning Program offered SHOWCASE! to their students and their families. This event celebrated the students’ interests and new learning for the past month. Each child created a visual display and presented what they learned to a variety of audiences. The best part of the whole night was seeing the passion in the students’ eyes when they shared their project. PRICELESS!

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Scientific thinking was abounding in March, at the ALP Science Fair! Kids presented on a variety of topics — from homemade invisible ink to gummy bear osmosis to DIY fertilizers.  One special judge was very impressed with this year’s work. Lots of fun and lots of learning!

First Place- Lucy W Findley
Second Place- Khai May Walnut St
Third Place- Charlie S/Sarah A Hanawalt
First Place- Annabelle D Wright
Second Place- Hattie F Windsor
Third Place- Kealie L River Woods
First Place- June P/Aggie G Downtown
Second Place- Cash K Hubbell
Third Place- Lidya N Perkins

20230302 182850 20230302 18015820230302 18133920230302 132843 20230302 180252KL Sci Fair Pix

Art identified students spent their last art workshop in May at the Rose Garden behind the Des Moines Art Center drawing from observation. It was a great year!

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