DMPS’s partnership with DART

DMPS assigns either yellow bus or DART transportation to students who qualify. The level of DART service assigned to students is shown on their student ID.

Students will scan a QR code embedded on their student ID when boarding the bus. The QR code identifies the student by a number and shares no personal information with Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART).

Students with yellow on their ID under the DART QR code can ride DART for free in the evenings (after 4:30 p.m.), anytime on weekends or on days that school is not in session (including summer break).

Yellow badge

Students with green on their ID under the DART QR code are assigned to DART for school transportation and can ride DART for free any time of day. Students should use their assigned bus to get to and from school.

Green badge

DART recommends students arrive at a bus stop five minutes early and consider downloading the MyDART app to plan the best bus route to a destination and track buses in real time.

Click here to read more about DMPS’s partnership with DART. 

DART service and COVID-19

A federal mask mandate by TSA requires everyone using public transportation to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth onboard all buses and at DART Central Station. We encourage riders to bring their own mask, but disposable masks continue to be available at the front of all buses for those who need one.

The federal mask requirement is just one of the many of DART’s safety measures to promote the health and wellbeing of its employees and riders. Some other measures include:

  • Installing plastic barriers between the farebox and the bus operator’s seat to promote social distancing
  • Regular cleaning and sanitizing of all DART vehicles and DART Central Station
  • Requiring operators to wear masks while driving and conduct a wellbeing screening before work each day, which includes a temperature check
  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer for riders to use on all buses

To hear more about DMPS/DART partnership and see how the new ID will scan at a farebox, watch the video or view the slideshow below.

DART Changes Farebox Procedure


As a reminder, students or parents with questions about what type of service they are assigned to should contact staff at their school.

For more tips about how to ride DART, including online trip planning tools, visit