Within-District Limitations & Stipulations

Parents of students approved for within-district transfer are responsible for transporting their student to the new school. The district does not have the staff to accommodate within-district transfer students.

Special Education Students
Within District Transfer requests for special education students shall be reviewed by the Special Education Zone Supervisor of the receiving school to determine if the student’s special needs can be met in the building they are requesting. The pupil/teacher ratios required by state law or District policy shall be maintained for all special education programs. The District shall not be required to hire additional instructional or support staff to accommodate a within district transfer student.

Terms of Enrollment
All approvals will be for the school’s feeder pattern. If a student is approved in elementary, they will automatically transition to that school’s feeder middle and high school without needing to reapply for within district transfer. Likewise if a student is approved for middle school they will automatically transition to the feeder high school without reapplying for within district transfer.

Please be aware that the feeder pattern may be adjusted at the discretion of administration to better align attendance areas. If the feeder pattern changes after your student has been approved, your student will be presented with the option to remain on their original feeder pattern or to transition to the new feeder pattern. If you do not indicate which option you prefer, your student will automatically be assigned to the new feeder pattern.