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The ASA Tour stopped at Lincoln High School to share both their X-Game skills and an anti-bullying message.

A High-Flying, Anti-Bullying Message


The ASA Tour, an action sports organization with some of the nation’s top BMXers and skateboarders, stopped at Lincoln High School to share both their X-Games skills and an anti-bullying message. Click here to read and see more of today’s high-flying, anti-bullying event at the Roundhouse.


Roosevelt Roughriders Celebrate Community


On Thursday night, the students, staff and parents of Roosevelt High School gathered for an evening of fun and celebration with the annual Homecoming parade as well as an event for the entire community on the school’s front lawn. Visit our Flickr page to see more of the Roughriders’ celebration.


Tutoring Sign Up for Title I Students


Students who attend a Title I school in Des Moines may be eligible for tutoring services at no cost to their family. In order to be eligible students must attend one of the 25 Title I schools in Des Moines and meet low income guidelines. To learn more and to register, simply click here.


Ag Student Garcia Wins Soil Judging Contest


Congratulations to Central Campus agriculture student Melissa Garcia on her 1st place individual win in the Decatur County SWCD Sub-District Soil Judging contest. Melissa will be featured soon in an Iowa Public Radio story about Latino students studying agriculture.


Gala Celebrates Hoover STEM Academy


Nearly a year after applying for the Governor’s STEM Council re-design grant, Hoover High School opened its doors for a gala Wednesday to celebrate the new STEM Academy. Guests enjoyed an evening of tours, socializing and hearing Hoover staff and students say “thank you” to those who have supported them in their journey. Click here to enjoy photos.

Despite the negative focus of the NCLB Report Card, most grade levels and student groups saw academic growth at DMPS.

Reality Beats Perception of NCLB Report Card


While the perception from the latest NCLB Report Card is gloom and doom, the reality at DMPS is far different. The fact is Des Moines students are showing academic growth in reading and math at nearly every grade level and in every demographic group. Click here to read more about the good work of our educators and students.


District Begins Work on DMPS IT Blueprint


Technology planning is the culmination of a series of steps taken to support everything from the education in our classrooms to the operation of our schools. Looking toward the future, the district has begun work on a multi-year strategic plan to align our technology goals: the DMPS IT Blueprint. Click here to learn more.

The first-ever Middle School Football Jamboree highlights the effort by DMPS to increase middle school activities.

Football Highlights Middle School Growth


Last night DMPS hosted the first-ever Middle School Football Jamboree. The event was not only about the action on the gridiron but also an example of the effort underway throughout the school district to expand access to a growing list of middle school activities. Click here to read and see more of the football jamboree and middle school activities.

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Mediacom Highlights DMPS and DMPS-TV


Thanks to our partners at Mediacom Cable for their support of a public service announcement to promote Des Moines Public School as well as DMPS-TV. The district’s cable station is now in high-definition at Mediacom channel 12.1 or 812. Visit our YouTube channel to see the PSA online.


76 Trombones and More Take to the Field


Each of the district’s marching bands – North, East, Roosevelt and Lincoln – took the field on Monday for an event that was part workshop and part festival. Judges were present to watch the routines and offer feedback. Gone were the fancy uniforms and shiny spats. First polish the footwork, then polish the shoes and the brass. Click here to read more.

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High-Flying, Anti-Bullying Message Gets Delivered at Lincoln

While X-Gamers like Mykel Larrin, Paul Luc Ronchetti, Jimmy Walker and Trevor Meyer whizzed behind him doing curlicues in midair with the BMX bikes they looked too big for, ringmaster Micah Kranz sprinkled bullying statistics throughout his announcing. “One out of every ten high school dropouts is bullied…160,000 kids are absent from school every day … Read more »

Welcome to DMPS

One of the strengths of Des Moines Public Schools is its diversity: the people, the programs, and most of all the opportunities.

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