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It Was Sink or Swim Today at Central Campus


After splitting into teams to design and build cardboard-and-duct-tape boats, today was the moment of truth for Prep Academy students as they set off to sail (or sink) in their creations. The 7th grade regattas launched in the Central Campus pool. Click here to see photos of this unique lesson in team building.

Science Bound students at Callanan Middle School prepare to launch a weather balloon.

All Systems Go at Cape Callanan Balloon Launch


There are school science projects, and then there is the space program at Callanan Middle School. Students in the school’s Science Bound program, a partnership with Iowa State University, launched another weather balloon to the edge of space this morning. Click here to read and see more about this unique learning opportunity at DMPS.


An Evening of Giving at Hiatt Middle School


Hiatt Middle School students and staff will do more than sing carols to their families Thursday night. They will host the entire community for an evening of giving. Warm coats, hot food, holiday crafts and many warm wishes will go home with families in need. Click here to learn more about this special evening.

A judge takes a close look at a student's entry in the Cowles Montessori Science Fair.

Inquisitive Minds Shine at Cowles Montessori


Science fairs have been going on throughout the district this semester as curious students design and execute projects with an eye towards qualifying for the DMPS event this winter. On Tuesday, it was Cowles Montessori’s turn as a host of judges reported for the tough duty of determining who will move on and who heads back to the drawing board. Click here to read and see more.

Hoover jazz students take part in a master class with members of the Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra.

Hoover Huskies Are Some Cool Cats


Hoover High is officially the home of the Huskies, but it’s also becoming widely known as the den of some pretty cool cats. They’re the jazz combos that jam and tour and study and practice under the direction of Randy Hoepker, and lately they’ve been especially busy. Click here to read more about the success of these young performers.


Read the Latest DMPS Community Report


The latest edition of the DMPS Community Report is now available to download or read online. This issue features stories on 2015 Iowa Teacher of the Year Clemencia Spizzirri of Merrill Middle School, introduces the principal of the soon-to-reopen Moore Elementary, highlights a number of student and staff recognitions, and more. Click here to get the latest edition.

lady mustangs

Merrill Mustangs Have a Perfect Season x Two


The Merrill Mustangs just completed a doubly perfect girls’ basketball season. The White Team went 12–0 and the Blue Team went 11–0.The teams capped off their season by defeating the Callanan Cougars in the first-ever District Shootout on Saturday at East High School. The teams are coached by Martin Luft and Elizabeth Grier.


Scavo Prepares for Move to New Home


Moving an entire high school is no small task. Now, imagine doing it over the course of a holiday break. That’s exactly what Scavo High School is undertaking over the next few weeks as they set up in their new home at Central Campus. Because of the move, class schedules at Scavo are being adjusted to allow teachers and staff time to prepare. Click here for the details.

Central Campus Nautiluses

Long Journey for Nautiluses Ends Well


A journey of thousands of miles that took months to arrange almost didn’t have a happy ending.  But this rare creature is now safe at Central Campus, where students and their new marine biology instructor are breathing a sigh of relief.  To see and read more of this fascinating creature, click here.


First Tee Takes Golf to Unlikely Players


Besides being a lifelong pursuit, golf is a game that’s known for its emphasis on sportsmanship and etiquette. Those aspects in combination with the primal object of taking a club and banging at something with it make it a multi-faceted teaching tool for young kids. To see how First Tee is taking golf to unlikely players, click here.

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All Systems Go at Cape Callanan Weather Balloon Launch

There are school science projects and there are school science projects. And then there is the space program at Callanan Middle School. Wednesday morning, after first calling ahead to the FAA per protocol, Science Bound teacher Anson Bonte and his crew of Cougars launched the school’s third weather balloon in 18 months, an occasion that … Read more »

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