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Graduation Walk Marches For Diplomas


Last year’s Graduation Walk was the biggest ever, as volunteers knocked on more than 1,200 doors around the community to invite dropouts back to school and get students who had fallen behind back on track towards high school diplomas. This year’s event was smaller by comparison, and that’s a good thing as fewer students are dropping out. But still, the work continues to help every student earn their diploma. Click here to read and see more of the 7th annual Graduation Walk.

AD at Sharpton Gingrich Tour Phadelphia, PA

Secretary Arne Duncan to Visit DMPS


U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is visiting DMPS on Monday, September 14. The visit is part of his annual back-to-school bus tour, which this year celebrates how states and communities are working to increase access and opportunity from early learning to college. Secretary Duncan’s visit will be to North High School. More details will be announced soon. Click here for more information about the bus tour.


A Look at the First Day of School at DMPS


Even the weather cooperated for a great start to the 2015-16 school year at DMPS. By foot, bike, bus and car, tens of thousands of students arrived this morning to begin a new year of learning. Our communications staff has posted more than 180 photographs to the DMPS Flickr page from schools throughout the city as parents take a first day photo, teachers introduce themselves, and students continue to learn and grow. Enjoy a look at the beginning of a new year.


Finishing Touches Throughout District


While students enjoyed a summer of leisure, the district’s operations teams and their community partners were renovating and updating a number of buildings throughout the district. As we near the start of school on Wednesday, they’re putting the finishing touches on some pretty great projects. To read and see more, click here.


Aircraft Roll Through South Des Moines


Traffic stopped and drivers gawked as we moved four airplanes and a helicopter by land from the Des Moines International Airport to their new home near McCombs Middle School on Saturday. The Central Campus aviation technology program is now ready to start a new year, full throttle, in a new, larger space. To read more about the journey and see photos, click here.


Teachers Pursue Free Master’s Degree


DMPS teachers new to the profession have an opportunity to work under the Alternative Teacher Contract, which includes the chance to pursue a Master’s Degree from Drake University at no charge to the teacher. This week, our first group of ATC professionals met at Drake for the first time to learn more about what the future holds. To read more, click here.


Movement 515 Ends Big Year With Big Show


After coming within a fraction of a point of advancing to the “final four” at last month’s 18th annual Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival in Atlanta, the DMPS team of spoken word warriors is treating the home folks to a showcase of their festival repertoire. The performance is Thursday night at the Temple for Performing Arts. The show starts at 6:30. Admission is $5 for adults and $1 for students. Click here for more information.


DMPS Welcomes 352 New Teachers for 15-16


It was back to school this week for new teachers at Des Moines Public Schools. The district welcomes 352 new educators this year as it hosted the annual new teacher orientation session at Roosevelt High School. New teachers were provided with information ranging from the district’s educational goals to technology practices to employee benefits and much more. Click here to see more of the event.


Moore Elementary School: 65 Years Young


After several years serving other educational needs, Moore Elementary School is set to re-open for K-5 students next week. On Monday, students, parents and neighbors got a sneak peek of the “newest” school in Des Moines. Guests included Sandi Paskins, who 65 years ago was a student in the first kindergarten class to ever attend Moore. Click here to read and see more (no pun intended) about Moore’s Open House.

A Roosevelt grad checks to see if the combination still works on their old locker.

Summer Time is School Time for DMPS Alums


While summer time is a break from school for most students, it’s a time to return to school for many alumni. We caught up with Roosevelt High School’s Class of 1975 and 1980 reunion as they toured their alma mater, and report on how all of the high schools in Des Moines open their doors to long-ago students. Click here to read more.

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Graduation Walk Continues to Lead March for Diplomas

The 2014 Graduation Walk was the biggest ever. Volunteers knocked on more than 1,200 doors around the community to invite dropouts back to school and get students who had fallen behind back on track towards high school diplomas. This year’s event was smaller by comparison. Only 700 or so homes were targeted. Typically, annual events … Read more »

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