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Coach of the Year Works With Coaches of DMPS


National High School Coach of the Year Jason Negro spoke with DMPS coaches from all five high schools Wednesday night, as well as school-by-school works sessions with coaches at all five high schools throughout the week. It’s one more part of how DMPS is working to raise excellence throughout its athletics and activities. Click here to read and see more.


Madison Cultural Night Shines Light on Arts


Madison Elementary celebrated its Cultural Night, featuring drumming, song, and dance from around the world. The school’s event is part of a growing emphasis on arts education. Madison is one of five schools participating in the Turnaround Arts program, an initiative sponsored by the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Click here for more photos of the event.


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Visits North High School


North High School journalism teacher Jenn Dryden knows how to jump at an opportunity. When she ran into Brandon Jones, star of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, who was filming at the Iowa statehouse, she invited him to visit her classroom.  He accepted!  Click here to see more of the star’s visit to North High School this week.


Budget Forums on Saturday, Thursday


Two public forums will be held over the next week on the preliminary budget for next year: one on Saturday, March 28 at 9:00 at the DMPS Operations Center and the other on Thursday, April 2 at 6:30 PM at Central Campus. An overview of the proposed budget will be given along with an opportunity for questions and comments. Click here for more budget information.


Former Boy Soldier Speaks at Roosevelt


Roosevelt English teacher Emily Bollinger, whose class is reading the memoir of a boy soldier, brought the lesson to life on Thursday when she hosted Mohamed Sidibay, a former child fighter from Sierra Leone. He spoke of his experiences being forced to become a soldier in his nation’s civil war at age 5. Click here to read more about his remarks.


Tornado Car “Dorothy” Visits Stowe Elementary


The Iowa Storm Chasing Network brought their new, virtually indestructible storm chasing car “Dorothy” to Stowe Elementary for a talk about severe weather. The car, which storm chasers liken to a tank, is fit with hydraulics that drop a shield to the ground and prevent a tornado from easily picking up and turning over the vehicle.


Students Rehearse for All-City Music Fest


Hundreds of band, orchestra and chorus members representing all DMPS middle schools are getting ready for their All-City Music Festival performances. But first … rehearsal. The All-City Music Festival performance is this evening at 7:00 PM at the Jacobson building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Enjoy photos from this afternoon’s rehearsal on our Flickr page.

Parents and students were lobbyists-for-a-day, advocating for public education funding at the State Capitol.

Parents, Students Turn Up Heat at Capitol


Parents and students gathered at the Iowa State Capitol with a simple and clear message: fund public education! More precisely, it’s time for lawmakers to end their stalemate and support 4% allowable growth for school funding. Click here to read and see more of yesterday’s event, and learn how you can make your voice heard by state lawmakers.

Executive Chef Chad Taylor shows off a new lunch menu item: Savory Beef Tips and Noodles.

What Do You Think of School Lunch?


The DMPS Central Nutrition Center is seeking out your opinion about Thursday’s new menu item, Savory Beef Tips and Noodles. Students will be asked to open up their DMPS app and give the meal a star rating or tweet their thoughts using the @DMPS_Dining handle. Click here to learn more about the dish and how to make it at home!


Students Practice Drills for Severe Weather


A job well done by students throughout the district during the statewide tornado drill, part of Severe Weather Awareness Week. We stopped by Edmunds Elementary School to take some photos of what students and staff do to stay safe in the event of an actual tornado (and thanks to Brian O’Keefe from the Des Moines Fire Department for stopping by to make sure things were done right). See more photos on our Flickr page.

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Fashion Students Focus on Bubble-Wear

It’s drop-off day at the 2015 Bubble Ball, where 16 Central Campus Fashion Design and Merchandising students will join more than 60 working designers to create a program the local charity ChildServe calls “bubblicious.” The Bubble Ball is an annual fashion event where designers must use bubble wrap as their primary source material, and the theme this year is … Read more »

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