The following outlines to assumptions and ground rules the School Board will following in their work to select a new Superintendent for DMPS.

Search Process Assumptions

The DMPS School Board shall:

  • Procure professional executive search services
  • Review current superintendent salary and benefits package to insure market competitiveness
  • Develop board search ground rules to guide individual and group conduct throughout search process
  • Design and implement board led community engagement process to inform search process
  • Develop search communications strategy including web presence for use by candidates and public throughout search process
  • Establish and adhere to search schedule and timeline
  • Consider a full range of candidates including those that may need waivers to meet Iowa requirements
  • Maintain external legal services to inform board actions during search process
  • Adhere to all applicable provisions of Iowa Code in the conduct of search process

Search Process Ground Rules

Individual Board member actions or decisions have no standing in the superintendent search process.  Only full board or committee actions, affirmed by the full board, will be recognized.

During the superintendent search process, the Board and its members shall:

  • Limit board search committees to three individuals
  • Maintain confidentiality to include initial applicant/candidate names and credentials and details regarding board deliberations
  • Determine, in conjunction with search consultant, the process and means for disclosure of names of finalist candidates
  • Adhere to the posting provisions of Iowa open meetings law for board and committee meetings
  • Refrain from having individual conversations with applicants/candidates
  • Refer any applicant inquiries to search consultant or district search web site
  • Refrain from having individual conversations with search consultant and refer any questions, comments, or concerns to the Board Chair
  • Refer all media and related search process questions to Board Chair