Welcome to the DMPS Guest Educator Center

Here at Des Moines Public Schools, we have upwards of 500 Guest Educators, both substitute teachers and associates. They are a dynamic and indispensable part of the district, helping us educate 30,000 students.

For educators wanting to serve as substitute teachers at DMPS, we offer the most competitive pay in the Des Moines metro:

  • Long-Term Guest Educators: $165 per day (1-10 days), $180 per day (10+ days)
  • Assigned Guest Educators: $180 per day
  • Retired DMPS Guest Educators: $165 per day
  • All Other Teacher Guest Educators: $150 per day
  • View full pay schedule

If you are interested in joining DMPS, learn more about becoming a Guest Educator – Teacher or Associate.

After you are hired and have been registered on a district computer, you will have access to the following links:

If you have any questions or need help navigating any of the following links, please contact us:

Guest Educator Attendance Center