Why should I choose the BLUE contract over the traditional contract?

The purpose of the BLUE contract is to better serve students by providing professional development and coaching in the early years of teachers’ careers. BLUE contract compensates teachers at a higher salary rate to recognize the additional demands on teacher time. During years 3-5 teachers work towards a Masters Degree at Drake University which is paid for by the district.

What if I decide to leave the district before finishing the eight years?

We understand there are circumstances when life may take you away from teaching with us. If a teacher leaves the district prior to completing eight years of service, he/she will be required to reimburse the district for cost associated with course work at Drake.

What if I want to transfer to another building in DMPS?

BLUE contract teachers are allowed one transfer within the first eight years of employment. To initiate a transfer, the teacher must request for transfer by contacting the Director of Human Resources.

What is the professional development in the first three years?

Teachers meet once a month for three hours. Year One teachers focus on effective teaching practices that help build a strong foundation for learning. Year Two and Three teachers continue the effective teaching practices through the lens of equity for all students.