School Board Unanimously Votes for No School on MLK, President’s Days

In a special meeting tonight, the Des Moines School Board unanimously approved a motion to not hold school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 21) and Presidents’ Day (February 18). These days were originally scheduled as no-school days with the caveat that they would be used as weather make-up days (two snow days were announced on December 20 and 21). Weather make-up days will now be held the first week of June.

In addition, the Board asked members of the NAACP Youth Advisory Council to work with the district’s youth advisory committee to develop recommendations for future district-wide observances of MLK Day.

Below is the resolution as approved by the School Board:

First, for the current 2012-13 school year, both MLK Day on January 21 and Presidents’ Day on February 18 remain as “no school days,” and that weather make-up days be held during the first week of June as previously approved by the Board.

Second, the district would invite members of the NAACP Youth Council to join with the school district’s Youth Advisory Committee in developing a recommendation for us to consider on how, in future school years, MLK Day can be best observed and used as an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding among our students on issues such as civil rights, discrimination, community service, bullying or other topics that they identify.

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