2020 - 2021 News Releases

Roosevelt Welcomes New Principal Steven Schappaugh
Girl Scouts Donate 7,000 Packages of Cookies to Students
Masks Optional But Strongly Encouraged Inside DMPS Buildings
Board Leadership Statement on Vote to Approve Superintendent’s Contract
Greenwood Elementary Welcomes Jenny Inman as New Principal
Associate Principal Laura Cannon to Lead Capitol View
Carrie Romo to Lead as Principal at Goodrell Middle School
Principal Andrea Safina to Lead Garton Elementary
Principal Renita Lord to Lead King Elementary School
DMPS Continues to Earn National Honors for Energy Efficiency
Virtual Campus Will Expand to Middle School Grades
Mekisha Barnes to be Principal at Weeks Middle School
DMPS To Leave CIML, Join Others to Form New Conference
Peter LeBlanc Becomes New Director of Talent Support at DMPS
DMPS Stands With Our Asian Students, Staff and Families
School Board Receives Proposal to Replace SROs
DMPS Response to State Auditor’s Report
State Approves Waiver for DMPS Virtual Learning
North, Roosevelt Take to Gridiron for Final 2020 Games
Board Meeting Moved to Wednesday, September 30
Statement on Court’s Denial of Injunction Request
Sports, Activities Suspended Over Safe Start to School Year
Fall Meals Free for All Children at DMPS Schools
DMPS Files Petition With Polk County District Court
DMPS Adds Two Positions Following Anti-Racist Town Halls
DMPS Seeks Legal Remedy to State’s Rejection of Virtual Learning
Kimberly Martorano Joins School Board as Newest Director
School Board Approves Waiver for Virtual Start to School Year