‘Undroppable’ Project Makes Election Tour Stop at East High

The Undroppable project is both a documentary and social media campaign focused on raising awareness about the dropout rate in American high schools, and to highlight students and communities that are pushing on and persevering. East High is one of the schools being highlighted in the film. Producers of the film are in the midst of the Undroppable Election Tour, touring 14 high school in 10 states during the final two weeks leading up to Election Day, and will be making a stop at East on Friday, November 2 at 12:30 PM.

“The main message of this tour is that education is important,” said Pollock. “Most high school students can’t vote this year, but they need to know what’s going on just as much as everyone else.”

His to students in auditoriums and gymnasiums across the country is comprised of remarks and discussion along with clips from Undroppable. Tomorrow’s event at East will be in the main gym at 12:30.

The Undroppable Election Tour is a non-partisan event and will be filmed for an upcoming feature documentary that Pollock is currently directing and writing. The film is scheduled to be completed mid-2013.

Undroppable has recently been featured in Time magazine and USA Today. For more information, visit www.undroppable.com.

In addition, to Pollock, the team producing Undroppable consists of Scooter Braun, Adam McKay, and Sharon Chang.

“Our team is very proud of how quickly Undroppable has grown. Regardless of who is in office, education is vitally important” said Scooter Braun, who represents pop stars including Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen.

“Education is such an important issue in this election cycle. This tour is a perfect way to keep this topic in the public eye as much as possible. Pollock’s energy and devotion to this project have been incredible,” said Adam McKay, writer and director of such hit films as Anchorman, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys.

The complete Undroppable tour is as follows:

October 24: La Causa Youthbuild Charter School, Los Angeles, CA
October 26: New Bedford High School, New Bedford, MA
October 27: Bridgeport High Schools, Bridgeport, CT
October 29: Palumbo Academy, Philadelphia, PA
October 30: Edsel Ford High School, Dearborn, MI – Dearborn Magnet High School, Dearborn, MI – Truman High School, Taylor, MI
October 31: Starr Commonwealth School, Albion, MI – Bloomingdale High School, Bloomingdale, MI
November 1: Collins Academy. Chicago, IL
November 2: East High School, Des Moines, IA
November 3: Highland Park High School, Topeka, KS
November 5: Dohn Community High School, Cincinnati, OH
November 6: ELECTION DAY