Patty Link to Step Down from Des Moines School Board

Patty Link announced that she intends to resign from the Des Moines School Board effective January 3rd, 2012. She has informed her colleagues on the board and the superintendent of her intentions.

“Over the past four years I have had the pleasure of serving on the Des Moines Public School Board. Academic achievements for all students and community outreach have always been my focus. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to fulfill my term on the Board. I have had a change in my employment status that will make it nearly impossible for me to dedicate the time and energy it takes to be an effective member of the Board while also trying to balance my responsibilities to my family,” Link said. 

Link added: “Although I am saddened to leave, I feel as though I have made a positive impact on the Des Moines Public Schools.”

Since her term began in 2007, she spent time reaching out to the community to keep lines of communication open. She served as both the chair and the co-chair of the Community Linkage Committee. The Linkage Committee helped with the planning of the first ever Reach out to Dropouts walk, as well as beginning the Get on the Bus Tour to inform the community about registration and upcoming district events. 

Link also served as the vice president of the board for two years. She helped the district navigate through unprecedented cutbacks in education funding in order to make the least possible impact on the classroom. Through these tough economic times the board has continued to hold public hearings and request input from its constituency.

“I feel strongly the district is headed in the right direction with good leadership both on the Board and in the administration”, Link said. “I will continue to be involved with the district both through my children’s’ education and on committees to maintain my belief in equal education for all and community outreach.”

“Patty’s dedication and leadership on the Board will be missed, but I know as a parent and a community member she will continue to be an advocate for our public schools,” said Teree Caldwell-Johnson. “As a Board member and a former educator, Patty was always a strong voice for making sure our decisions were always in the best interests of students, teachers and parents.”

The School Board has 30 days from the time Link’s position becomes vacant on January 3rd to select a person to serve the remainder of her term, which expires in September 2013. The Board will announce details on their process in the near future.