Nation’s Real First Caucus? Cookie Caucus at Hillis Elementary School

Hillis Elementary School: site of the cookie caucus

Before Iowa voters go to their precinct caucuses on the evening of January 3rd, students at Hillis Elementary School will have the first say on a critical issue: the best cookie.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, January 3rd, students at Hillis will participate in a “cookie caucus” to select one of three candidates: chocolate chip, sugar, or M&M.

Hillis fifth graders organized the mock caucus as a way to learn about the electoral process. The students prepared commercials that were “broadcast” during morning announcements as well as posters to promote their favorite flour-and-sugar candidates.

This week, fifth grade students made a presentation to each kindergarten through fourth grade class about the Iowa caucus process and how to participate in the cookie caucus. Students even filled out voter registration forms in order to participate in the school’s mock caucus on January 3rd.

“This is a fun way for the students to become more aware about the political process,” said Heidi Slinker, a fifth grade teacher at Hillis Elementary School. “The caucus activity also has promoted conversations at home, and has helped students understand the process that goes into becoming President of the United States.”

Following their participation in the caucus, students will receive the cookie which earned their support. Cookies are being provided by a fifth grade parent and prepared by Hy-Vee.

Hillis Elementary School held their first cookie caucus four years ago.