Merrill Students Hold Bullying Awareness Night

Students at Merrill Middle School are aiming to create a positive environment for each other and raise awareness about bullying by inviting students and the community to a “Bullying Awareness Night.”

The event will be held:

Monday, February 27
6:30 PM
Merrill Middle School Auditorium
5301 Grand Avenue

Merrill Middle School students in Dale Erickson’s communications classes will present their anti-bullying videos. Special guest and emcee will be Sarabeth Anderson, who served as director of development and communication for the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence from 2006 to 2010.

Communications students were challenged to create a peace program at Merrill by creating anti-bullying public service announcements, documentaries, or short videos. Over 300 students participated in this project, and the best videos were selected to be shown at the event.

“Videos were selected by a student committee for their quality and commitment to take bullying as a serious situation,” said Erickson. “The goal was to educate the student body on the seriousness of the issue and how to deal with the issue if you are a victim. Many students elected to address the bullies themselves along with the victims.”