Hanawalt Elementary Plans Annual ‘Day in the Arts’ Event

Hanawalt Elementary School will hold its annual Day in the Arts event on Friday. Day in the Arts has been a school tradition for the past twelve years.

The event will be held:

Friday, April 27
8:30 to 11:30 AM
All-School Interactive Performance – 1:45 PM
Hanawalt Elementary School
225 56th St.

“This is a day our students, staff, and parents look forward to all year long,” said Sally McKenzie, Hanawalt Elementary School fine arts educator. “The focus of the day is learning in and through the fine arts, while providing our students the opportunity to work with community artists.”

Hanawalt students will learn and create with 19 community artists. The event is made possible thanks to the support of the school staff, students, PTA, local businesses, and arts agencies.

Each student will experience three workshop sessions. An all-school interactive performance with FAX Gilbert will begin at 1:45 PM.

“Hanawalt embraces ‘whole child’ education; therefore, the Day in the Arts is not an isolated learning experience. Learning is ongoing — beginning, prior to, and extending after the day occurs,” said McKenzie. “Such experiences encourage students to think in new and different ways, while providing rich cultural, and cross-curricular connections.”

Co-chairs for this year’s Day in the Arts are Hanawalt parents Kristin Jones, and Megan and Howard Tempero; along with Carol Looney and Sally McKenzie, fine arts educators.