DMPS Prepares for a Hot Start to the 2023-24 School Year

With temperatures predicted to hit highs in the triple-digits through Thursday, and an excessive heat warning issued by the National Weather Service & Polk County Emergency Management, Des Moines Public Schools is taking steps to keep people as safe and comfortable as possible as the new school year begins on Wednesday. School hours will continue as scheduled, however, the heat will likely mean a change for outdoor activities and events.

Some steps and information in anticipation of the week’s weather includes:


  • 100% of DMPS classrooms are air conditioned.
  • Air conditioning has been running around the clock to best maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • All DMPS school buildings are fitted with hydration stations; students and staff are encouraged to bring and use personal water bottles.


  • Most school buses are not air conditioned; riders should expect these vehicles to be warm throughout the day.
  • Bus drivers will take steps and follow protocols to make buses as comfortable as possible given the weather conditions, including opening all windows and vents and turning on fans.
  • Bus drivers are also being briefed on signs of heat-related stress in order to keep themselves and students safe.
  • Parents are encouraged to make sure students have a refillable water bottle with them; some bottled water will also be available on school buses.


  • If the heat index is at or exceeds 100 degrees, outdoor recess, events and activities will be canceled, rescheduled or moved indoors.
  • High school athletic practices will be held between 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM and/or after 7:30 PM today through Wednesday.


The following provides additional information on remaining safe during extreme hot weather: