DMPS Establishes Educational Equity Committee

Equity Coordinator Isaiah McGee leads discussion at the first meeting of the EEAC.

Equity Coordinator Isaiah McGee leads discussion at the first meeting of the EEAC.

In an ongoing effort to improve employment and education experiences for a diverse body of people, DMPS has formed the Educational Equity Advisory Committee (EEAC). The committee is made up of a diverse group of teachers, students, parents and guardians, administrators and members of the community.

The EEAC is appointed by the Des Moines Public Schools Office of Human Resources, and serves to advise Equity Coordinator Isaiah McGee, Superintendent Dr. Thomas Ahart, and the Des Moines School Board on issues related to diversity and equity.

One of the committee’s foundational beliefs is that integration on the basis of race, gender and disability in our schools and education programs will help to prepare students to live more positively in a world that is very diverse.

“Our efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce are unmatched in Iowa’s education system,” McGee said. “This is another essential step to improving our outreach so that all stakeholders feel included, valued and appreciated for the skills they bring to the table, whether they are employees, students or parents.”

The EEAC’s first meeting is scheduled for today, Wednesday, May 27 at 4:00 p.m. at the DMPS Administrative Offices, 2323 Grand Avenue.

Educational Equity Advisory Committee Members:

  • ·         Joyce Bruce, Community
  • ·         Rob Barron, Board
  • ·         Angela Boston, Parent
  • ·         Mindy Euken, Teacher
  • ·         Amber Graeber, Curriculum
  • ·         Michael Hurst, Pastor
  • ·         Allyson Vukovich, Community Outreach
  • ·         Dave Murillo, Security
  • ·         Vinh Nguyen, ELL
  • ·         Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines, Legislative
  • ·         Aiddy Phomvisay, Central Campus
  • ·         Alex Piedras, Community
  • ·         Dwana Bradley, Teacher
  • ·         Kathleen Mitchell, Case Manager
  • ·         Kris Rollins, Teacher
  • ·         Maria Lantz, Teacher
  • ·         Clair Rudison, Community
  • ·         Tammy Steinwandt, Human Resources
  • ·         Mike Sherman, Assessment
  • ·         Vidal Spaine, Special Education
  • ·         Russhaun Johnson, Student
  • ·         Leslie Hernandez, Student
  • ·         Renita Lord, Principal
  • ·         Clemencia Spizzirri, Teacher
  • ·         Isaiah McGee, Human Resources
  • ·         Marvin DeJear, Community
  • ·         Jake Troja, School Climate