DMPS Classes Cancelled/Offices Open for Wednesday, January 7

weatheralertDue to the forecast for extreme low temperatures throughout the day tomorrow, and a wind chill warning in effect from the National Weather Service through noon, classes at Des Moines Public Schools are cancelled for Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

The current NWS forecast is for a temperature of -9F and a wind chill of -33F at 8:00 AM tomorrow with little change throughout the school day.

This announcement means that all school-related activities, meal programs, before- and after-school child care, and early childhood programs are also cancelled.

DMPS offices will be open.

Further details for what this announcements means for DMPS students, parents and employees are as follows:

This announcement means the following for students and parents:

  • No classes will be held.
  • No school-related activities.
  • No breakfast or lunch service.
  • All early-childhood and early-childhood special education programs will be closed.
  • No Cowles child care or Metro Kids before- and after-school child care.
  • No evening and adult Community Education classes.

DMPS Employees
This announcement means the following for school district employees:

  • School offices and central administration offices will be open.
  • All 12-month employees will report.
  • Less-than-12-month employees do not report. These employees will be expected to provide service at a later date and their calendar year will be extended an additional day(s). An employee absent on the subsequently scheduled make-up day shall use appropriate leave benefits or will be deducted salary for absence.
  • Food service staff will not report unless instructed to do so by a supervisor.
  • Dismissal time of 12-month secretarial/clerical staff will be based upon the needs of the facility and will be determined by the employee’s immediate administrative supervisor.
  • All other employees are to remain until dismissed by their administrative supervisor.