DMPS Aviation Program Welcomes Learjet to Teaching Fleet

Teaching science and technology reached a new height as the Des Moines Public Schools’ Aviation Engineering Technology Program took possession of a Learjet Model 35. The aircraft will be based at the program’s lab, located at the Des Moines International Airport, and used as a teaching tool for high school students studying aviation technology and maintenance.

“At a time when science and technology education has never been more important, we are providing students in Des Moines with a hands-on, high-tech learning experience that will prepare them for great opportunities after high school,” said Jerry Bradley, director of the Aviation Technology Program. “The addition of this Learjet to our ‘teaching fleet’ puts us on the leading edge of high school aviation programs.”

Des Moines Public Schools’ Aviation Engineering Technology Program is one of only three high school programs in the nation certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to teach aircraft maintenance. In fact, the program in Des Moines is the only one of its kind among the nearly 4,000 school districts in the Midwestern states.

The Learjet Model 35 – also classified as a C-21 because of its use as a military transport – is a surplus aircraft from Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. It was acquired at a cost of $4,000.

“Des Moines Public Schools is committed to providing students and families with the best educational choices to meet their needs and interests,” added Superintendent Nancy Sebring. “This is one more example of a great opportunity, providing students with a rigorous education and technical skills available in only a few school districts throughout the nation.”

Photos of Learjet Arrival at DMPS Aviation Tech Program