Central Academy Math Students Impress at National Contest

Thirty-eight Central Academy mathematics students competed recently in several categories of the 57th Annual Merten Hasse Mathematics Competition at the University of South Dakota at Vermillion. There were 250 students participating in the competition held on April 21, 2012.

Four Central Academy students received top honors by earning superior ratings in individual competitions:

• Nathan Rider (Meredith Middle School) – Geometry
• Alex Lopez (North High School) – Precalculus
• Zach Lin (Callanan Middle School) – Algebra II (1st place)
• Stephen Meyer (Roosevelt High School) – Algebra II (2nd place)

Central Academy students also placed first and second in the team competition and won the Spirit Jug award for demonstrating their enthusiasm for math.

Team Awards 1st Place:
• Allison Kochheiser (Brody Middle School)
• Payton McBurney (Hoyt Middle School)
• Elizabeth Struyk (Brody Middle School)
• Arlette Uribe (Hiatt Middle School)

Team Awards 2nd Place:
• Annie Johnson (Lincoln High School)
• Alex Lopez (North High School)
• Reid Wade (Roosevelt High School)
• Mollie Wheeler (Lincoln High School)

“Participation in mathematics competitions such as this enables students to interact with math in ways they are much more likely to encounter outside of a school setting,” said Crista Carlile, Central Academy Supervisor. “Students must work together to solve creative and challenging problems using their knowledge of mathematics concepts. Competitions are a wonderful way to teach and practice problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.”

Students who received Excellent, Outstanding, or Honorable Mention in individual competitions were:

Algebra I
• Chloe Ibsen (Gateway Middle School)  – Honorable Mention
• Chris Palmer (Merrill Middle School) – Outstanding
• Kyle Roberts (Brody Middle School) – Excellent
• Susan Stacy (Hoover High School) – Excellent

Algebra II
• Jack Chassé (Merrill Middle School) – Excellent
• Evan Haugh (Roosevelt High School) – Outstanding
• Brian Richter (Brody Middle School) – Honorable Mention
• Andrew Shumway (Callanan Middle School) – Honorable Mention
• Reid Wade (Roosevelt High School) – Outstanding
• Jack Wahlig (Cowles Montessori) – Excellent

• Jacob Appel (Roosevelt High School) – Outstanding
• Allison Kochheiser (Brody Middle School) – Excellent
• Payton McBurney (Hoyt Middle School) – Honorable Mention

• Gabe Butruille (Roosevelt High School) – Outstanding
• Annie Johnson (Lincoln High School) – Honorable Mention
• Alex Lopez (North High School) – Superior (1st)

Central Academy math teachers who helped prepare the students for the competition were Lana Lyddon Hatten, Michael Link, Mike Marcketti, Joe Obrycki, and Brian Reece.