Cargill Supports Food Education Through Donation to the Des Moines Public Schools

As part of its longstanding commitment to support the communities in which it does business, Cargill has donated $111,000 to the Des Moines Public Schools in support of the Culinary Arts program at the Central Campus.

Cargill’s $111,000 donation will pay for 10 under-the-counter refrigerators, five exhaust hoods, a stainless reach-in refrigerator, 10 6-burner ranges, and 10 5-quart mixers.

The Des Moines Public Schools Culinary Arts program was developed to provide students with a strong foundation in the skills, science and art of the culinary field, preparing them for careers in culinary arts, food service management and other related occupations. Over the next 18 months, the district will redesign the Culinary Arts space as part of the larger Central Campus renovation. The new space – which was designed with help from local restaurant chefs and architects – will consist of a teaching kitchen, demonstration kitchen, café kitchen, prep area and restaurant. The new space will be named the Cargill Teaching Center.

“Cargill has committed to make funds available to the Culinary Arts program over the next five years to ensure the new space is equipped with proper, updated equipment to teach our students the skills needed in today’s culinary world,” said Elaine Wolf, chef and Culinary Arts instructor for the Des Moines Public Schools. “We are thankful for the company’s support and know that the kitchen will have a lasting and significant impact on our students and the community.”

“We are committed to improving access to education and providing the necessary resources to students in our communities,” said Lynn Zimmerman, production supervisor at Cargill’s soybean crushing facility in Des Moines. “The redesign of the space for the Culinary Arts program is working to meet these same goals, and we are proud to support the district’s efforts.”