Elementary School

Elementary Mathematics
Grade Brief overview of math skills
Kindergarten Know number names and the counting sequence, count objects to tell how many, understand addition as putting together and subtraction as taking apart, add and subtract small numbers, identify and describe shapes
1st Grade Add and subtract within 20, solve problems involving addition and subtraction, understand place value, order lengths, reason with shapes, tell time
2nd Grade Solve one and two-step problems involving addition and subtraction, make and read graphs, measure lengths, reason with shapes
3rd Grade Solve multiplication and division problems, use place value to solve multi-digit arithmetic, develop an understanding of fractions, recognize perimeter and area
4th Grade Multiply and divide multi-digit numbers, use factors and multiples, solve problems with fractions and decimals, convert measurements from a larger unit to a smaller unit, measure angles
5th Grade Analyze patterns, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, understand volume, graph points