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DMPS COVID-19 Dashboard

Providing Information on COVID-19 at DMPS

With the regular school year for 2021-22 now concluded at Des Moines Public Schools, the COVID-19 daily tracker will no longer be updated. We encourage people who are looking for additional information about COVID-19, location for testing sites, how to get vaccinated, etc. to use any of the links below to local, state and national public health web sites.

Des Moines Public Schools COVID-19 Tracker

NOTE: Updates to the table and chart below ended on June 3 with the conclusion of the regular 2021-22 school year at DMPS.

New Staff
Positive Cases

Total Staff
Positive Cases*

New Student
Positive Cases

Total Student
Positive Cases*

Early Childhood 0 62 0 142
Elementary School 1 585 3 1655
Middle School 0 228 0 802
High School 3 242 6 1167
Other (Admin, Oper, etc.) 0 98 0 0
TOTAL 4 1215 9 3766

Last updated on Thursday, June 2 at 4:40 p.m.

Des Moines Public Schools Daily Positive Cases

*The positive cases shown are the total number since August 12th, 2021 for DMPS staff (the date when new teachers reported) and since August 25, 2021 for DMPS students (the first day of classes).

These tables are updated each school day (cases reported on the weekends or holidays are included in the next school day). DMPS school nurses verify positive COVID-19 cases each day with the Polk County Health Department; however, PCHD maintains the official record for the county.

Current Polk County COVID-19 Metric

Polk County Positive Test Rate Per 100,000


* The positive test rate per 100,000 is from the IDPH Report and is reported every Wednesday

To find out the COVID-19 Community Level from the CDC, simply enter your location below.

Determining Possible Infection in School

If DMPS students or staff have symptoms of COVID-19, the school nurse may send the individual home.  If your child has been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, contact your school nurse. If your child has symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness , DO NOT send them to school. Call the school nurse or your healthcare provider to determine next steps.

Additional Resources & Information

SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES: Des Moines Public Schools is committed to offering quality resources to families, no matter their chosen learning model. For information about childcare services, help finding a doctor, financial assistance and more, visit our Online Family Resource Guide. If you would like someone from the district to contact you about a need in your family, fill out our Student Services Contact Form and someone will be in touch to assist you.

INFORMATION ON COVID-19: Accurate health information about COVID-19 is important as people around the world respond to help put an end to this global pandemic. Stay informed and look for information on Coronavirus from reliable and trusted expert sources:

COVID-19 MONITORING WEB SITES: The following web sites provide updated information on COVID-19 cases and related information: