Make Your Voice Heard for our Students.

The DMPS Community Legislative Action Team (DMPS-CLAT) is made up of parents and other community members who recognize the need for more awareness of how specific legislative actions affect our schools, and actively advocate for policies that increase student success.

To be successful, this group needs one thing: YOU. It’s important that the voices of parents, grandparents, community members and others are heard by our legislators and the Governor, so they know how important education and schools are to our children and all of Des Moines. Follow the Community Legislative Action Team on Facebook for event updates and live streams.

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During a typical legislative session, DMPS-CLAT holds coffees with members of our legislative delegation. The gatherings are an opportunity for you to hear from your legislators about the direction of education legislation and funding at the Statehouse, and to share your thoughts about education in Iowa with those who represent you.

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