Brother 2 Brother / Sisters 4 Success

Brother 2 Brother

Brother 2 Brother was created in 2009 and initially began with chapters at Hoover, Lincoln, North, and Roosevelt High Schools as well as in Callanan Middle School and Moulton Elementary School. The program has expanded to McCombs, Harding, Hiatt, and Merrill Middle Schools and continues to grow in the district.

Brother 2 Brother consists of a matrix of responsibilities and activities surrounding academic achievement, personal development, professional growth, and service learning. Some of these activities include participating in college field trips, study tables, conferences, workshops, and visiting mentors who are men of color. Brother 2 Brother is a pipeline to high school and college with chapters at Drake University and Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).

Sisters 4 Success

Sisters 4 Success was created in 2002 as a result of a pilot program developed by Ruth Ann Gaines at East High School to address the needs of African-American girls who were exhibiting negative behaviors and low self-esteem at school. After meeting with African-American female community leaders and heads organizations, it was suggested that the East High model be expanded to other high schools. Sisters 4 Success, a district program whose purpose is to develop the leadership skills of African-American and African immigrant/refugee girls, was expanded across the district.

Our students say…

“I enjoy Sisters 4 Success because you get to meet new people and work with others. Another is you can tell stories and be creative. We could enjoy trips and volunteering at schools. The last one is that your teacher/mentor helps you and asks you how to get your grades up. This is why I enjoy S4S!”
– Salima, Meredith S4S

​“Brother2Brother pushes me to be the best version of myself, be a person not that I can be proud of but my peers and people around me can be proud of. The joy of giving back to my community and doing things together as leaders of the community. This program has built my leadership ability, I am looked at as a leader in my community as well as in Brother2Brother and to be looked at that way is a blessing, to be a role model for others.”
– Barry, Hoover High School

Community Enrichment & Multicultural Programs Manager

Brian Tate
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