Every year we say a fond farewell to longtime educators and support staff who have dedicated much or all of their career to the students at Des Moines Public Schools. Most of this year’s retiring class made DMPS their work home for more than 20 years.

A special shoutout to Danny J. Fisher, Operations Engineering Chief at Harding Middle School, who retires this year with the longest career at DMPS – 42 years! Also, to our 14 employees who have served more than 30 years with DMPS.

Office of Talent and Personnel Chief Susan Tallman said DMPS employees have a lasting impact on our community and the future of the city and state. She and her team wish this year’s graduating class of retirees the very best.

“Congratulations on your retirement and a fruitful career giving your time and talent in service of Des Moines students,” Tallman said. “Your commitment to improving lives is a lasting legacy that should make you very proud. I wish you a happy next step in your new journey!”

DMPS Class of 2024 Retirees

Anita M. Babe, 5th Grade, Oak Park Elementary, 33 years
Steve R. Belieu, Plumber/Steamfitter, Facility Management, 24 years
Larry D. Blaisdell, Operations Eng Chief, River Woods Elementary, 25 years
Susan Boham Ayala, Enrichment Leader, Walnut Street Elementary, 11 years
Brent A. Davis, Head of Vocal Music, Garton Elementary, 33 years
Danny J. Fisher, Operations Eng. Chief, Harding Middle School, 42 years
Blaine Gillaspey, 5th Grade Teacher, Hanawalt Elementary, 35 years
Jill M. Gray, Food and Nutrition Clerk, Ruby Van Meter, 12 years
Patty Gronewold, Math Teacher, Hiatt Middle School, 36 years
Shannon L. Groth, 4th Grade Teacher, Samuelson Elementary, 33 years
James A. Hall, Operations Eng 2nd Assist, Samuelson Elementary, 25 years
Debra A. Hauser, 5th Grade Teacher, Monroe Elementary, 31 years
Joel Hayden, Special Education Teacher, Harding Middle School, 7 years
Carol J. Jenkins, Head Cook, East High School, 11 years
Deborah Kain, Special Ed Associate, Talent Development, 13 years
Staci K. Kuehl, 2nd Grade Teacher, Madison Elementary, 34 years
Trude J. Kyle, Customer Service Desk Analyst, Technology, 27 years
Heidi Lucs, 2nd Grade Teacher, Brubaker Elementary, 36 years
Mary E. Minard, Principal, Moore Elementary School, 35 years
David M. Murillo, Security Specialist, Facility Management, 11 years
Sean M. Murphy, Operations Eng. Chief, Hillis Elementary, 35 years

Tom R. Murray, Transportation Driver, 16 years
Randy Mutchler, Carpenter, Facility Management, 23 years
Maureen A. Norris, Personnel Manager, Talent & Personnel, 15 years
Kim L. Ogle, Field Specialist, Custodial, 10 years
Jill K. Paczkowski, School Nurse, Lovejoy Elementary, 13 years
Marguerite D. Patton, Special Ed Associate, Garton Elementary, 27 years
Jeanne M. Pitts, Business Education Teacher, Lincoln High School, 19 years
Alicia Ruano, Early Access Family Interpreter, Woodlawn Early Childhood Center, 19 years
Daniel J. Sickles, Art Teacher, Garton Elementary, 30 years

Marla B. Sobel, School Counselor, Jackson Elementary, 38 years
Set Son, Operations Pool, Central Campus, 19 years
Johnny L. Starrett, Plumber/Steamfitter, Facility Management, 20 years
Ricky E. Steinbach, Operations Pool, Hoover High School, 24 years
Leslie M. Timmerman, Behavior Program Facilitator, Student Services, 33 years
Cyndie Toth-Steiniger, Library Associate, Oak Park Elementary, 29 years
Deborah Van Waardhuizen, Office Manager, The Downtown School, 24 years
Craig D. Vander Zyl, Laborer, Facility Management, 24 years
Margery M. Ward, Food and Nutrition Clerk, Brubaker Elementary, 16 years
Trena Ward, Operations Pool, Carver Elementary, 21 years
Janet M. Weeks, Food and Nutrition Clerk, Harding Middle School, 23 years
Julie M. Wilcox, Preschool Teacher, Mckee Education Center, 24 years
John A. Wyatt, Operations Eng Chief, Findley Elementary, 29 years
Margaret E. Zanders, Special Ed Associate, Ruby Van Meter, 10 years

Edits to the list can be sent to amanda.lewis@dmschools.org.

*Employees are listed with years of service and the last building in which they served.

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