Nearly 5,000 people work to provide and support a quality education to more than 30,000 students in Des Moines. From school administrators and educators to bus drivers and technology professionals to food and nutrition providers to financial experts, these dedicated DMPS employees are committed to providing the best possible experience for students and families. Each month the Become Here Spotlight will shine on an administrator, an educator and a staff member to share a little more about the many people working to teach and support the children and students of our community, and in the words of those who nominated them for the recognition.

20240228 Jill Burnett 2 JILL BURNETT-REQUIST
Carver Elementary School

Jill Burnett-Requist has been serving DMPS since 1996 where she started as a shared teacher between Hubbell and Park Avenues schools as a 5th and 3rd grade teacher. Jill has also been an administrator in several schools and is currently principal Carver Elementary School. Over the course of her career, Jill has impacted thousands of lives by creating an environment for students to have opportunities to succeed. She does this through setting structures for learning, knowing the community she serves and ensuring we have opportunities for wrap around services. She partners with Boys and Girls Club and serves on their Board. Jill is an instructional leader that embeds herself in the work to implement, monitor and coach on research based instructional practices. In addition to being an instructional leader, she is a mentor to inspiring leaders, many of whom are leading in our schools in DMPS. Jill’s energy and willingness to invest countless hours to support the needs of her students, staff and community is what endears her to the Carver Community.

20240229 Teresa Stubbs 2TERESE STUBBS
Hoover High School

Terese Stubbs shines each and every day at Hoover High School. Her enthusiasm is contagious for everyone around her. She is dedicated to see each and every person succeed at Hoover. Terese is a great influence on the students she works with, students she interacts with in the hallways, and each staff member.  She holds each student to the highest of expectations while still showing great care for them.

20240229 Bill Malone 2BILL MALONE
Information Technology

Bill Malone is a proud graduate of Des Moines Public Schools and currently serves the district as our Technology Manager of Service and Support. Bill rose through the ranks from Field Tech to Manager because he displays a tireless & relentless commitment to ensuring technology is an asset for teaching and learning, as well as our support departments.  His servant leadership and customer-centric approach make him an impactful and influential leader for our team delivering support to 5,000 staff and 30,000 students. Bill is known in our department for having high expectations, an unmatched work ethic, and a passion for team camaraderie. He often goes above and beyond to provide a team breakfast or plan a fun get-together to ensure our team members are staying connected and having fun!

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