Every year we say a fond farewell to longtime educators and support staff who have dedicated much or all of their career to the students of Des Moines Public Schools. This year’s retirees have made DMPS their work home for between one and more than four decades.

A special shoutout to Advanced Learning Consultant Christie McConathy who retires this year with the longest career at DMPS – 45 years! Also, to our other 36 employees who have served more than 30 years with DMPS.

Office of Talent and Personnel Chief Susan Tallman said DMPS employees have a lasting impact on our community and the future of the city. She and her team wish this year’s graduating class of retirees the very best.

“Congratulations on your retirement and your wonderful career!” Tallman said. “Your commitment to students and improving lives is forever appreciated. DMPS would like to wish you a happy next step in your new journey!”

DMPS Class of 2023 Retirees

Natalie Anderson, Social Worker, SE Middle School Network, 29 years
Sue Anne Avitt, Teacher, Ruby Van Meter, 38 years
Tam Bartlett, Teacher, Meredith Middle School, 23 years
Elizabeth Bennett, Nurse, Windsor Elementary, 28 years
Cynthia Bernhardt, Executive Assistant, Talent and Personnel, 30 years
Brenda Beumer, Instructional Coach, Morris Elementary, 24 years
Anthony Bibbins, Operations, Lovejoy Elementary, 23 years
Larry Blaisdell, Operations, Riverwoods Elementary, 24 years
Lisa Bolin, Nurse, Hubbell Elementary, 29 years
Vicki Bonnett, Nurse, East High School, 33 years
Jane Bordenaro, Operations, Weeks Middle School, 29 years
Haywood Boston, Teacher, Harding Middle School, 32 years
Sally Bowden, Teacher, Monroe Elementary, 36 years
Sandra Bryand, Food Service, Meredith Middle School, 20 years
Karen Buffington, Counselor, Stowe Elementary, 17 years
Allison Cain, Counselor, Goodrell Middle School, 33 years
Susie Carlson, Teacher, Orchard Place, 19 years
Leanne Carpenter, Teacher, Ruby Van Meter, 26 years
Tammie Casciato, Teacher, Phillips Elementary, 20 years
Sherry Clingman, Academic Interventionist, Capitol View Elementary, 31 years
Ella Cowherd, Teacher, North High School, 14 years
Connie Cummings, Food Service, Food and Nutrition Center, 15 years
Shelly Davis, Office Manager, Meredith Middle School, 26 years
Deborah De Haai, Teacher, Orchard Place, 30 years
Susanne Edwards, Teacher, Garton Elementary, 24 years
Elizabeth Erickson, ELL Teacher, Callanan Middle School, 13 years
Kellie Fillman, Teacher, Lovejoy Elementary, 39 years
Kimberly Fix Schmidt, Teacher, Park Avenue Elementary, 22 years
Lisa Fried, Strings Teacher, Hoover High School, 25 years
Tina Fulton, Academic Interventionist, Willard Elementary, 23 years
Karen Gerths, Paraeducator, 33 years
Karen Ghormley, Teacher, Monroe Elementary, 22 years
Amanda Gillaspey, Academic Interventionist, Capitol View, 24 years
Kimberly Glandorf, German Teacher, Central Academy, 32 years
Ruth Ann Gostomski, Academic Interventionist, Hubbell Elementary, 24 years
Joyce Grace, Attendance Clerk, Merrill Middle School, 27 years
Susan Guest, Early Childhood Program Administrator, 38 years
Denise Gustaveson-Roskamp, Behavioral Strategist, Moulton Elementary, 19 years
Shari Hand, Special Education Associate, Studebaker Elementary, 27 years
Linda Harrington, Special Education Associate, Jessie Franklin Taylor Preschool, 21 years
Lee Hartwig, Teacher, Studebaker Elementary, 24 years
Diana Hecht-Gahman, Strings Teacher, South Union Elementary, 18 years
Janet Henderson, Teacher, Jesse Franklin Taylor Preschool, 21 years
Randall Hines, Operations, Pleasant Hill Elementary, 35 years
Stacy Hoffman, Teacher, Windsor Heights Elementary, 25 years
Patricia Hoyt, Teacher, Weeks Middle School, 17 years
William Hoyt, Teacher, Weeks Middle School, 25 years
Frederick Hunter, Teacher, East High School, 36 years
Jeffrey Jansen, Teacher, Hoover High, 32 years
Mishelle Johnson, Teacher, Hiatt Middle School, 33 years
Rhonda Johnson, Teacher, Cowles Montessori, 37 years
Jeff Kerns, Teacher, The Downtown School, 16 years
Rose Kingkade, Associate, Mitchell Preschool, 10 years
Karen Knust, Teacher, Lovejoy Elementary, 16 years
Rebecca Langholz, Vocal Music Teacher, Callanan Middle School, 18 years
Giovanni Leo, Italian Teacher, Central Academy, 38 years
Rick Lewis, Operations, Goodrell Middle School, 33 years
Rocky Lindsey, Special Education Associate, Ruby Van Meter, 21 years
Jayne Logsdon, Teacher, Stowe Elementary, 28 years
Terri Long, Special Education Associate, East High School, 16 years
Lori Lyon, Instructional Coach, Pleasant Hill Elementary, 27 years
Judith Lyons, Financial Accounting, 27 years
Kelly Mallory, Counselor, Cattell Elementary School, 16 years
Luann May, Instructional Coach, Pleasant Hill Elementary, 29 years
Janet McAtee, Teacher, Meredith Middle School, 21 years
Christie McConathy, Advanced Learning Consultant, 45 years
Paula McPhail, Psychologist, multiple schools, 26 years
John Morgan, Band Director, Merrill Middle School, 33 years
Nancy Murray, Bus Associate, Transportation, 11 years
Anh Nguyen, Bus Driver, Transportation, 17 years
John Nichol, Bus Driver, Transportation, 11 years
David O’Connor, Teacher, Merrill Middle School, 23 years
Mary-Stuart O’Connor, Teacher, Merrill Middle School, 31 years
Jane Penisten, Teacher, Brubaker Elementary, 22 years
Cindy Percival, Flex Academy Teacher, Roosevelt High School, 27 years
Juanita Powell, Operations, Madison Elementary, 19 years
Janis Prusis, Operations, Howe Elementary, 11 years
Jacqueline Pudenz-Powers, Teacher, Windsor Elementary, 34 years
Lori Puffett, Teacher, Monroe Elementary, 34 years
Lisa Rasmussen, Art Teacher, Phillips Elementary, 38 years
Cindra Reighard, Teacher, Jackson Elementary, 17 years
Cindy Roerig, Principal, Samuelson Elementary, 40 years
Joel Samuelson, Auto Collision Teacher, Central Campus, 37 years
Jennifer Schiltz, Advanced Learning Consultant, 23 years
Jeanette Schmett, Office Clerk, Meredith Middle School, 17 years
Vincent Schweiger, Teacher, Lincoln High School, 24 years
Christine Sikes, Psychologist, multiple schools, 32 years
Perry Simmons, Art Teacher, Studebaker Elementary, 30 years
Terry Smothers, Teacher, South Union, 36 years
Set Son, Operations, Central Campus, 18 years
Johnny Starrett, Plumber, Facility Management, 20 years
Christina Taylor, Teacher, Hubbell Elementary, 34 years
Judith Taylor, Special Education Consultant, Ruby Van Meter, 30 years
James Tegeler, Teacher, Meredith Middle School, 34 years
Deborah Ubom, Special Education Associate, Focus Program, 23 years
Erika Van Helten, Special Education Associate, Brubaker Elementary, 12 years
Craig Vander Zyl, Facility Management, Operations, 23 years
Rebecca Victor-Baker, Teacher, McCombs Middle School, 35 years
Trena Ward, Operations, Carver Elementary, 20 years
Cynthia Weisz, Principal, Ruby Van Meter, 23 years
Kathleen Wells, Nurse, Garton Elementary, 30 years
Karen Whittlesey, Teacher, Cattell Elementary, 34 years
Sharon Whittlesey, Teacher, Monroe Elementary, 32 years
Sandra Willett, Nurse, Hanawalt Elementary, 28 years
Lawrence Williams, Special Education Associate, Monroe Elementary, 12 years
Laurie Wirtz, Nurse, Mitchell Preschool, 16 years
Linda Woodard, Special Education Associate, East High School, 16 years
John Wyatt, Operations, Findley Elementary, 28 years

Edits to the list can be sent to amanda.lewis@dmschools.org.

*Employees are listed with years of service and the last building in which they served.

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