The fourth-grade classes at Findley Elementary School created fence designs to show school spirit and to promote beautifying their school community. Students have been working hard to learn about ways they can make a difference in their community. Many ideas were shared before deciding how they wanted to support their school community.

The students worked with their literacy groups to decide how to decorate and beautify their fence outside of the school. The students brainstormed different ideas such as: paw prints, hearts, writing “We love Findley,” and more. The students narrowed it down to two ideas, then each group selected the one they felt represented Findley the best. (NOTE: see photos of some of their designs in the gallery to the upper right.)

Samuel Lopez-Chavaque from Mrs. Jenks’ fourth-grade class said, “I liked how we all worked together. We experienced some challenges when working with our groups, but we found ways to overcome and work together. At the very end, I liked how it looked and popped out.”

The students have been learning about how people have made a difference throughout history, first studying how people made a difference in the women’s suffrage movement in the United States and then learning about things kids today are doing to change the world.

Alyxandra Witter from Mrs. Jenks’ fourth-grade class said,: “It helps to make others feel welcomed to Findley.”

Fourth grade teacher Julia Jenks added: “I love how you all worked together and agreed on your project. You are all true scholars who are Better Together.”

Many students feel these designs bring them happiness, a sense of calm, and can help to improve their mental health. The goal was to make the community feel welcome and happy while beautifying our school.

Findley’s Dean of Students, Rick Miller, noted: “The fence designs inspire others to create a community and it shows that Findley is a special place to be.”

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